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  1. have you tried these? reverse w/o damage https://www.amazon.com/SPI-SM-12542-Scratchers-Replaces-860201140/dp/B0195M0IP0/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1510357991&sr=8-3&keywords=ski+doo+ice+scratchers
  2. Polaris has an app for your phone with maps, "ride command"
  3. Sounds fun! Where do you all meet?
  4. If your sled is sitting on dollies while your moving your rear sus up and down, set the whole sled on the ground and try it again.
  5. Check out the BRP modular. Has all the features with no need for a heated shield. I'm very happy with mine.
  6. minneman

    boat seats

    I think the Tempress NaviStyle is whats in my alumacraft, I recently added a Tempress Trojan and am happy with both, No seat Ive sat in is comfortable to last all day, an hour, I need to stand up L&M DL
  7. use something for a spreader to keep the long sides from pulling together or they'll bow in
  8. if I was spending big bucks for new, Id go with the 600 swichback assult 144. get an add on rack and hitch, and if you really need it to haul 2 get the voyager seat kit. that gives you a good work horse and a great on off trail ride
  9. I tightened the hinge bolt just enough to hold my floe up yet go down easy
  10. "Yes, but the flooring people say it's our fault there's moisture there and they won't cover it. They guy said "We've been doing this for years, if it was our fault we'd replace it but we don't cover moisture" Pull off some baseboard and see if the installer left any "REQUIRED" expansion space around the perimiter of the laminate to the walls/cabinets etc. Usualy 1/4", If any part of the floor is touching walls etc. that is the problem Im guessing the humidity at install was low, and the installer didnt leave enough room for when the humidity was high. The separation of the carpet could be they streched the carpet before the seam tape was cured.
  11. If there isnt insulation on the exterior of your foundation already, thats where it needs to be.
  12. I just installed a wood stove in my 30x64 shop/garage, I had my insurance guy out to give me the ok. I have a wall dividing the building in two with a insulated sliding door 10x12 to get large projects into the garage and out the overhead door. the only way he'd cover me is by having that wall dividing the area with the woodstove,(the shop) from the garage where a vehicle could be parked. Pretty sure your situation is uninsurable
  13. anyone know if we'll beable to buy just the 1200 tent on a resort?
  14. check frontier motor sports in fergus falls
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