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Liberalized fishing lakes


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Actually there are lakes with depleting levels and approaching winter kill status.
I spoke with a DNR fisheries employee in St. Paul yesterday.
If these lakes meet or exceed the requirements for open fishing I will post the list.

Terry Hagstrom
Terry's Guide Service
President, MN Walleye Alliance

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I would assume once you're off the lake, you're not going to get stopped. It'd be pretty hard for the DNR to prove you didn't catch your limit of 13" eyes on Mille Lacs or that you don't have a limit of WI slabs and a limit MN slabs caught on the same day or that all your 8.5" crappies didn't come from Green lake. That's one draw back to water specific regs. They have to do the checking at the lake to prove you broke the law or didn't. Unless someone does something obvious like net 300 trout.

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My friend from church is a DNR marine biologist for Wright and Sterns county and in the winter that's his job testing oxygen levels in the lakes in these counties are in no danger of winter freeze. He told me that the oxygen levels are so high that they thought their equipment was broke.the level in some lakes is twice what they expected. The fish are on a very good High and are quite satisfied. Metro

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There are still great weeds in most lakes. Weeds that should have been long gone by now. The lack of snow cover for most of the winter is the reason for the high 02 levels.

I would imagine that some of the Northern lakes that have had snow all winter have a chance, but they would have to be pretty shallow lakes without a feeder source this year.

Metro 1, I would be interested in talking with the Biologist from Stearns County. I would appreciate it if you could email me his name.

[email protected]


Scott Steil

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