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  1. Only two weeks to go!!! Lets hope this nice weather stays around for TD! We are still looking for volunteers for this years event. If your interested please email Jim or I. My email is [email protected]
  2. Very cool, Jim!!!! Never heard of the DNR doing something like that for a fishing related event! WOW!!!
  3. Here are some pics from the event. Here's Bob doing his seminar on fly fishing. Here's Jim doing his on stream spin seminar Here Steve Klotz doing his class. For those of you that missed him speak missed a great class. Time to go fishing! Here's pics from the shocking.
  4. Less than a month. Here is where things are at a glance. Welcome and registration 8:00-8:30 Rolls (from the best bakery in SE MN Spring Valley Bakery) and hot coffee. Meet and greet other fishing and out doors folks. 8:30-9:00AM Spin fishing small streams and rivers "The exploration" Fly-fishing seminar 10:00 AM......hit the streams For those who aren't experienced on the streams...a chance to hit the water with a Trout Day volunteer. 1:00pm Meet on Canfield Creek for this years DNR led electrofishing demonstration with Steve Klotz. A chance to see more trout, get the goods on the stream conditions, with the current status of the SE MN fishery. Following demo, please return to pavillion for door prize drawings. Looking forward to another Spring Event on the South Branch!
  5. Jim and I are lookin for volunteers for this years Trout Day. If you are interested in volunteering at Trout Day, please email me at [email protected]
  6. Just wanted to give everyone a update. Once again we will have a both a spin fishing seminar and fly fishing seminar. Once the seminars are over everyone will be offered a chance to fish with a Trout Day volunteer. Steve Klots from the MNDNR will be doing a electro fishing demistration and giving a update one the current condition of SE Minnesota streams. Once again there will be free door prizes handed out at the end of the day. As in other years, we have some great door prizes to give away.
  7. Renneberg

    SE MN Giant Brown

    Nice trout! I would quess around 22 inches.
  8. Here is a link to Coaster info. USFWS Coaster DNA study USFWS Coaster info Good to hear that something is finally being done to restore this once world class fishery.
  9. Chosenvalley, man what a pig! S.E. MN trout? Stream/lake? I've pulled out a few rainbows that size in lakes, but nothing even close to that in a stream.
  10. Trout in lakes are like every other fish in lakes. They will relate to structure like panfish and walleye and there will be key times of the day to fish for them as well. Weather like cloudy days and storms also play a role in the bite. The big difference with trout is that many of the lakes they are stocked in are very sterile, so they don't have a wide range of food to pick from. In one lake they may be relating to rocky areas where they find crayfish to eat, in another lake they may relate to sunken timber looking for snails and still in other lakes they maybe looking for minnows which they often cruse weed beds and shore lines while in search of them. I've even seen them push minnows to the surface then dart in to the school. Sometimes this even happens along the shore while they are in only foot or less of water. A good way to figure out what they are eating is to check the stomachs of any trout you keep. Stocking also plays a role. Lakes that are stocked every year with a high number of trout often have the best fishing. Lakes with less trout stocked often have slower fishing.
  11. Brown trout, no less the 28 inches for me. Rainbow would be the same. Brook trout would have to be 20 inches or better. Trout that size are trophies anywhere they are found, and all three of that size can be caught in MN. I'm with Black Dog. No reason to kill a trout that big, since you can now get a fiberglass mount of the fish.
  12. Mjhowe, what kind of fishing can you find in the Flathead river, just above the lake, right now? I'm going to be in that area for a few days and was wandering if the Flathead river would be any good then.
  13. Renneberg

    wall mounter

    We'll this ones not quite 26 inches, but it's close. Hope this helps you guys sleep better. No this one was not caught out of the same creek your thinking of Troutman, but it was caught out of S.E. minnesota. This one was released right after the pic. was taken.
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