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  1. Slappy, Been down this road before. Grab a 4x4 or 6x6 timber about 4 feet long and have somone hold this against the backside of the cross member. wrap a cable from a come along (winch) around both. Anchor the other end (the winch end) securely to the mast. It would be best to get a chain or heavier cable to wrap around the mast and the main tube to the tongue. Here is were it can get a little tricky. Carefully crank the cable tight and add tension. Dont over crank or the cable could snap and come back at you. Now with the help of that other person I spoke of earlier, have them wack the backside of the timber with a sledge hammer as you crank. If the cross member is not moving you may have a bigger problem than you would care for. This has worked in the past and I'm sure it will for you. The only down side to this has been some ugly looking welds at the main rails of the frame from getting bent. Good luck Terry Terry Guide Service www.fishingmn.com/terry
  2. You can spend a little or a lot but if you dont have a battery maintance system your wasting your money. I dont want to end up on triple secret probation by telling you the name of the company but I will tell you I have had my trolling batteries for over 7 years and my starting are going on 8 years. You can contact me at [email protected] Terry Hagstrom Terrys guide service www.fishingmn.com/terry
  3. I have a Jiffy 2 HP Stealth with a 9" bit. Unit looks and runs like new. I received it this past fall. This is a pro staff unit and I have to sell these at the end of every season. This unit has been taken care of. $290.00 Terry Hagstrom 612-747-6509 Terrys guide service www.fishingmn.com/terry
  4. I use planner boards when trolling for pike in Canada because of all the rock spines and points. It's way to diffcult to get at them without fear of damage to your boat and motor. I have had pike actual attack the boards before they see the bait. I don't care to troll for them or muskie, I'd much rather cast for them but I usually have my father-in law in the boat and at 70 with a bad back it's the only way to go. Terry Terry's Guide Service www.fishinmn.com/terry
  5. Steve, You described the feed that we have. I will move it to a location closer to the ground. The soffit on the back of the house is about 18' above the ground. Thanks for all the info. It's a big help. Terry Hagstrom Terry's Guide Service www.fishingmn.com/terry
  6. Steve , we just built a little west of stacy and have hummers around. We set out a feeder with-out the plastic flowers on it and they don't seem too receptive of it. Also we had it hanging from the soffit on the south side of the house. Would the water be too warm for their liking? Terry Hagstrom Terry's Guide Service www.fishingmn.com/terry
  7. I have been running a 90 hp Honda since the fall of 99 and I change my oil approx. every 150 hours. I have approx. 3000 hrs on this motor according to the tach clock. I use Valvoline 10-40W and it runs as great as the day I picked it up. Also, The info. I received when my 2 cycle OMC went down for the second and final time was that the oil I was using was not approved by Johnson and they would not honor the warranty. Each manufacture adds a dye to determine if their oil is being used. Four stroke is a bit different because we are now talking crank case oil much like a car engine vs. mixed oil. My manufacture info. indicates the use of a reputable oil is authorized provided the weight is correct. Terry Hagstrom Terry's Guide Service www.fishingmn.com/terry
  8. On my shore lunches I usually check to see if we have any dietary restrictions and offer fried, grilled, baked or boiled fish. Baking fish on tin foiled with sliced, tomatoes, onions, portabello mushrooms, peppers. pour italian dressing over it all and bake. near completion slit the foil open and let in some of the smoke flavor..... shawing! Walleye sandwich, 1 fried fillet, thin tomato, strip or two of well fried country bacon, smidge of mayo or tartar sauce. The bacon really tops it off. Of course we have the taters, beans and dessert. Terry Hagstrom Terry's Guide Service www.fishingmn.com/terry
  9. I'm lucky to have the best wife in the world. She never complains when I have a guide trip or I'm hunting. I'll take that shot any day, she has a good sense of humor. Terry Hagstrom Terry's Guide Service www.fishingmn.com/terry
  10. I just built a house in 227 and I have the birds coming through nearly every morning and evening. Toms appear to be along for the walk yet strutting at every chance, trying to get some action. The hens were playing hard to get big time. My Wife and I were having breakfast the other morning and were watching this unfold. I couldn't help remark that I know how he feels. I got punched in the shoulder..... Terry Hagstrom Terry's Guide Service www.fishingmn.com/terry
  11. Scoot, My Son and I were at Neilson Fly-in Lodge last July. We didn't have great fishing but it never is on this lake during a full moon. Make darn sure you avoid that. Don has been fishing and guiding on this lake for 25 years and he and Paul (The OTHER Guide)as he is called can't explain it. The service and the meals are something you'll never forget. My Son who eats about once a day and he's 18 didn't want to be late for any meal no mater if the bite was on or not. If the muskie arn't doing real good then go for the lakers. These fish are very good and not the grease balls we catch on Mich. or Superior. Don provides boats on adjoining lakes and a day can be a real adventure. And yes we did see some REALLY big fish. My son had a chance at three quality fish but couldn't connect. You have to try it at least once. I doubt you would regret it. We'll be going back! Terry Hagstrom Terry's Guide Service www.fishingmn.com/terry
  12. Just some real info about boat bottom color. We were discussing this at the expo this past weekend with Steve Worrel. He has done extensive research on this subject and it mainly pertains to Muskie fishing because this is realy the only time when a fish would be near or approaching the boat. It was found that with a white hull the fish looses sight of the bait against the back ground much easier than against a darker back ground such as a gray or black hull. In turn when the fish looses the bait and being close to the boat in combination of that and movement by the angler going into a figure 8 it greatly increases the chance of spooking the fish leaving one empty handed. I can say from my own experience with my notes after hearing about this theory that I had far more hook ups at boat side with a gray bottom vs a white bottom. Don't get me wrong here, A fish is a dumb as a fench post and can't reason nor doest it know what a boat is. Terry Hagstrom Terry's Guide Service www.fishinmn.com/terry
  13. I'm building a new home west of Stacy and on a whim applied for the area. I got a permit for the fourth season. I have been hunting turkey since 89 in the Redwing area and it has become tougher every year to get drawn. Terry Terry's Guide Service www.fishingmn.com/terry
  14. I'll be in the Frabill both all weekend so stop and say hi. Terry Terry's Guide Service www.fishingmn.com
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