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Does Vexilar recondition old units???

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I have a Vexilar FL-8 that is about 8 years old. It still seems to work fine, but I was wondering if it might last longer and better if it was tuned up at the factory. Do they do such a thing? If so what does it involve and how much?

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Yes they do. I took this info from their HSOforum.

How do I get my unit serviced?

Send it to:

Vexilar, Inc. Attn. Service

6667 W Old Shakopee Road

Suite #101

Minneapolis, MN 55438

When you send the unit in, please include a short note about the problem, your return address, and telephone or email. We can contact you if the repair looks to be expensive or if you request an estimate. Service time generally runs about 5 working days.

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Last year someone had a thread about taking them apart and cleaning something. I think it was the brushes or ? and it made the colors bright again. I bought my son a new one for Christmas and it makes mine look really dim. I need the fix also.

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If you take a small allen head and take off the knobs and then take off the four screws off the back it will come apart. It is the inside of the screen that has all the dust from the Brush's.I put wd40 on a paper towel and wiped down the rotor. I did this to my Hondex FL8 that is 20 years old and it never ran so smooth and quiet.

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I did mine myself with help from the Vexilar techs:

Problems with Dim Lights


Most likely, your light intensity problem is from the accumulation of

brush dust on the inside of the unit. You should be able to clean

this yourself.

Remove the two screws from the back cover, unplug the power and

transducer jacks from the PC board, and remove the back cover. Next,

remove the control knobs from the front of the case (the allen size is

1.5mm). Remove the four screws that hold the PC board in place and

remove the board.

Using compressed air, blow out all of the brush dust from in and

around the wheel assembly and wash the front case, inside and out,

with soap and water.

To clean the brush contacts, make a tool by stapling or taping a small

piece of fine sandpaper (at least 400 grit) to the end of a popsicle

stick. Connect the rear case power jack to the PC board and turn the

unit on. Be careful of the spinning wheel! Insert the tool you made

between the board and the spinning wheel. Clean the three brass rings

until they are shinny. Clean the three brass rings until they are

shinny. Run the unit for at least 30 minutes at room temperature to

reseat the brushes. This should increase your light intensity to where

it was when the unit was new.

If the brush contacts are worn significantly, you should replace them.

You can order a brush kit here, under FL Series Accessories:

http://www.(Contact Us Please)/purchase/direct/direct.html Be sure to read the

instructions available before you order, so you are sure you can do

the job.

If you want to send it in for us to do, it will cost you around $60

plus shipping and it will be here for about five days.



Vexilar Service

Vexilar, Inc.

6667 - West Old Shakopee Road

Minneapolis, MN. 55438

http://www.(Contact Us Please)

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