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  1. I was running a Jiffy 8 inch with the chipper blades on it.
  2. I was on Cass Lake last week and was working a sharp break. I went from 7 feet of water and went ten paces over to 3 feet of ice and drilled into the sand. My blades are now dull. Where is the best place in the twin cities to get blades sharpened?
  3. I need to have a couple of props repaired. I live on Lake Minnetonka. I used to have a couple of places that I could go to and have props re-built for about $45. Those guys went out of business. most of the local marinas will offer it, but they send them somewhere else and mark up the price 100%. Does anyone know a shop that does it at a reasonable rate?
  4. I have a 2001 Dodge Dakota that I primarly use for hunting and ice fishing. Most of the time I have it in 4-wheel drive is on the ice. I need to get a new set of tires that will get me around on the ice, work well on the road and not cost me an arm and a leg. I live in the West Metro area (Twin cities) and would like any advice on a good tire for my needs and where do I go to get them? Thanks
  5. My old hand-held GPS is failing and I want to pick up a new unit. What is the best GPS to use for ice fishing and why? What is the best chip to use for ice fishing, Navionics or Lake Master?
  6. I have a Lowrance locator with the plastic screw connections. When I want to remove the unit some of the connections stick and are hard to remove. Is there a lubrication that I could use on the plastic threads?
  7. I have lived on, and fished Minnetonka for 17 years. I have never seen a perch over 7 inches. I would stick with Blue Gills and Crappies.
  8. Quote: Out on Little Long lake in Minnetrista (I think) straight out from the launch about 40 yards there is a dock at the bottom with a toilet sitting upright on it.... That dock is a dive platform that is used to train divers. The Underwater Schools of America in Long Lake use it to train dive students. By using the platform they dont kick up silt.
  9. In the winter the formal term is "Inverse Thermal Stratification". This means that the water just below the ice is at 32 degrees F or 0 degrees C. The water is warmer as you go deeper and at the bottom, the temperature is approximately 38 degrees F which is the maximum density of water. Sunlight through the ice, ground water intrusion(springs) or current can influence the stratification of water both in the summer and winter.
  10. "I'm not a fish biologist so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about" I do have a degree as a fisheries biologist, and I believe that I know what I am talking about. Northerns and other fish will have dozens on teeth in various stages of development. Small teeth move forward to take the place of damaged or missing teeth. A fish may lose only a couple of teeth at a time, not a majority. Occasionally, for a variety of reasons, fish can get swollen mouth tissue that makes it appear that teeth are minimized. They are still there and will reappear as the tissue goes back to normal.
  11. All animals are born with a set number of eggs (or gametes if you want to get technical) eggs will develop during ovulation, but not all at once. For example; human females ovulate or release one mature egg a month. Fish and other animals will develop a whole bunch more eggs at once. As soon as fish spawn more eggs will begin to slowly develop and will become larger and more pronounced as the spawn approaches. Northerns are like sharks, they are constantly growing and losing teeth all year long. Someone else already mentioned the old myth about the period in the summer. They just go deeper to the cooler water, they do not lose all of their teeth.
  12. Reservoir Dawg was supposed to keep that quiet. We had had a good laugh over that Rock Bass and thought of you Trapper . In honor of you, it went right back down the hole. I hope you have a good season of trapping.
  13. I have a Vexilar FL-8 that is about 8 years old. It still seems to work fine, but I was wondering if it might last longer and better if it was tuned up at the factory. Do they do such a thing? If so what does it involve and how much?
  14. I stand corrected. I just googled WD-40 for fishing and found a ton of stuff on it. The ingredients are secret but appear to be mostly petroleum based. I will say that another strange fishing attractant is Preparation H. Believe or Not!
  15. It's not high pressure so much as it is a sudden change of pressure. I think a low pressure system put them off more and drives fish deeper. The atmospheric pressure doubles every thirty three feet down. When you bring a perch up from 30+ feet of water, often the stomach is pushed out of the mouth by the swim bladder that a fish uses for buoyancy control. A fishes swim bladder is filled with gas and they can adjust this over time. When we get a sudden low pressure system, it is just like bringing the fish up in the water column a few feet. I believe that it makes them uncomfortable and they slide deeper into the water to equalize the pressure. It is kind of the opposite of when you dive under water and your ears hurt due to increased pressure on your ears.
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