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What turkey ammos you using this spring?


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After careful patterning of many loads sizes, my Browning Gold Hunter 3.5" likes The Winchester Extended Supreme Elite 3.5", #6, 2oz. shot out of a Browning Xtra Full choke at 0.685 constriction. The old Rem. Hevi Shot used to perform almost as well before being discontinued.

My Stoeger M-2000 likes the same load exactly in a 3" shell. Can't remember constriction. Have it written down somewhere.

I used to shoot a Winchester 1300 with 0.665 Carlson and push Rem. copperplated #6's with great success out to 40 yards. Never tried any of the hevi-type shot with that.

I've had much better luck in patterning my guns with the hevi-type shot than regular or copperplated lead for all guns I've tried, including brother's, friends, and other relatives.


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'Our'(Dad and I) box of Fed 3" #5 shot. Three shells so far, three toms grin.gif We're hoping for 10 turkeys with that box!

Used to shoot the hevi shot and really liked it. Two years ago I brought out the bow and bought the 'cheaper' Feds as backups and they work fine out of Rem 870 with the 21" barrel and the super full Rem turkey choke.

Its all good ammo these days, some brands/size shot will just pattern better with each shotgun.

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Well I guess it depends on which gun I'm using.

My Stoeger like #5 federal 3" flight control lead throught a .655 Comp and Choke.

My 1300's like #6 Federal or Winchester #6 shot loads out of a .665 HS Undertaker choke. They like Federal #5 shot 2 oz loads with a Tru Glo .665 choke. My daughter's 870 20 gauge like Federal #6 shot through a .556 Hastings and Rem #6 Hevi shot through a .560 Primos Tite Wad choke.

Btw, my dad's Rem 870 with a .665 Comp n Choke loves the Winchester Ext Range in 3" #6 shot.

There you have it.

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I have had really good results with the Hevi-Shot 3" #6s. last year, in South Dakota, I got a little mixed up on my range and shot a bird at 52 yards. Dropped it dead. Its expensive, but its not like your shooting very many rounds a year (hopefully).

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