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  1. I have an 8 year old jiffy legend model 30 and it takes about 2-3 pulls after priming it 4-5 times when sitting over night. After that 1-2 pulls.
  2. I was 12 when I got my first gun, a .22 cal. You know your kid more than us so if you say he's ready then maybe he is. Giving him infos on guns and safety is first, then let him handle the gun and see how he does. You'll know for sure if he's ready or not. Remember your teachings will last a lifetime and will be more than enough for him if he is very interested in getting one for himself.
  3. I don't really know about the older powerbelt cause I never tried them but the new Platium are awsome. In my Kodiak I'm shooting powerbelt platium 270gr. being push by 100gr. 777 pellets. The entrance is okay but the exit is huge and it does not blow apart like the older powerbelts. I love these bullets. 2 deer already with this combos last year. My other favorite bullet combo is the speer 300gr. GDHP with harvester crush rib sabot and 100gr. 777. This combo has taken my biggest buck up 2 date. I would shoot both of these combos in my Kodiak without hesitation.
  4. Hornady XTP and sst are very good bullets. Usually when I find out that the sabot is too hard to load. I'll use harvester crush rib sabot, It'll make the loading that much easier. I use it on all my bullet combos. My favorite bullet would be 300 gr. Gold Dot HP and harvester CR sabot push by 100gr. 777. It'll knock out any deer out to 100 easily, if I do my part.
  5. I got a remington 597 .22LR for 3 years and gone through 7,000 rounds. I have not change or replace anything on mine and still works the same as I got it. If you like tinkering than I would suggest a ruger 10/22, lots of aftermarket parts. I tried almost all the auto .22LR and for an auto .22LR, out of the box accuracy nothing beats the remington 597.
  6. I use the trilene knot and haven't failed me yet.
  7. Here's one my kid caught, 6#. Yep, we let it go.
  8. I like ontario rat knife in D2 steel. I've been using mine for a couple of years now and it's been doing great. KOA knives also gets my vote too. Both very quality knives and a little spendy. Like they say you get what you pay for. I know there are other good quality knives out there too but these are the ones I've owned and have been very happy with the purchase.
  9. I don't know much about dakota strings but alot of guys that used them hasn't complain about them so they must be good. I have use vaportrail string in the past and have been very please by them. They have a very good customer service so that is a plus.
  10. Get the stradic you won't be dissapointed. I have the older Mg model and like it alot.
  11. How much did you pay? Just wondering because I got one that might need to get a little tune up.
  12. I have a full size ka-bar knife that I have been using for the last 10 years and it's a great knife but I'm going to retire it. So I'm in the market to get me a knife for next year. The knife must be able to do almost any task that I will encounter. The Kabar knife has never failed me so if any of you know of a better knife let me know. My budget is around $300. Thanks ahead.
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