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Anchor Point/Release?


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My first post.

Anchor Point: I recently read in one of the more popular bowhunting publications that anchoring your thumb behind your neck is poor form: It torques your wrist. I believe this might be why I have not improved as much as I would have liked when it comes to target practice, especially 35+ yards.

After several years of shooting this way, It has been difficult for me to break this bad, yet comfortable, habit for me.

I am thinking about trying a t-handle release and by getting rid of the wrist-strap, help break this habit.

Who is using these, t-handle releases, for target practice and BOWHUNTING.....what is your opinion on them..pros, cons, etc? smirk.gif

Thank you

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I use a Winn Free Flight release and have for about 15 years now. It is a glove design. I tried the T-handle, but I found it to feel very awkward when anchoring.

I anchor with my thumb behind my jaw bone and the release mechanism next to my mouth like a kisser button.

I don't think I can feel any unusual torque on my wrists as my hand is level -palm down when I release. To me this is very comfortable.

My .02

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I shoot a Carter 4 finger release and love it. I'll never shoot a trigger style release again. Not sure why, I just couldn't get used to the trigger style release after shooting 3 and 4 finger releases. Tons of guys at our archery club have switched to 4 finger releases after shooting mine.

The only real drawback that I can see with it is that it can get junk in the release when out hunting. This style release is more prone to this than other style releases. Junk in the relase will really mess them up (trust me). I always carry a back up release in a zip lock baggie just in case I have problems. I also like to shoot judo points before I get to my stand to make sure things are in good order. Also, even though I'm saying this is a con of the 4 finger releases, I should also mention that I've only had it happen once in about 8 years of shooting this style of release. Those 8 years have included a lot of belly crawling and bush busting too! Give one a try- I love 'em.

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I used to shoot a t-style release years ago. It was a cheaper model, but now that I think back I shot great with it. In fact it may have been the best I ever shot. I just thought the location of the trigger made it very dangerous. I think the newer models have improved this feature though.

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