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Help with pond trout.


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There is a pond in my area that just got stocked. It is a 3 acre pond that has depths from 8-20ft. There are also bluegills and bass in there, but I will mainly be targeting the trout. The only bait I have is Mealworms. How well will these work. I was thinking of throwing them on a small jigging spoon or jigging rapala.

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hey fish junkie, we have some ponds by our place similar in what you described. theyre mangaed as streams so winter fishing is off limits but im guessing its the same for summer.....Very light line....go wiht a vanish four pound or 2 pound test. I owuld use a lighter set rod and reel but something wiht backbone for hooksets and a good drag for bigger fish. You can rig mealworms or Minnows(unsure of Iowa regs) on a small hook wiht the hook completely buried. Try corn or bubblegum or gulp! too. sometimes these fish are very stupid especaiily if thyre fresh off the truck. Otherwise if thyre anythin like here they smarten up quick and give the experst a hard time even. Im not sure about jiggin raps and spoons but im sure they would be a blast. In fact im going trout fishing this winter when it opens in northern mn. good luck! hope i could help a little bit.

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Small jigging raps and small spoons such as Sweedish Pimples in gold or silver baited with a wax worm or possibly a meal worm work well for winter stream trout in this area.

Crappie jigs baited with the same bait also work great.

Sometimes if they are really finicky try a small plain bait hook, a split shot, and a very small float baited with meal worms,wax worms, or any other bait that is small.

Good Fishing!


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