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  1. fishinaddict

    Northland jigs

    Never had a problem with them. Use their hexi fly and mud bug about 75% of the time i'm fishing.
  2. fishinaddict

    When is the sound of ice cracking okay?

    I've got a couple buddys that a deathly afraid of ice cracking. Nothing like a good cold day on early ice with them for a little amusment. The key is to scream like a little girl when the ice cracks below you and watch you buddy drop to his belly
  3. fishinaddict

    Opinions on Marcum lx3

    The Fl-12 is in no way comparible to an LX-3tc. Not saying vex's are bad as I just upgraded from an fl-8 to an Lx-3. Things that an LX-3 has that the fl-12 doesnt: Fully adjustable zoom 5x the power Soft case Better target separation And MUCH quieter!
  4. fishinaddict

    first fish myths

    Never heard anything like that. But I have a few buddies that I take out and when I'm with them the last one to catch a fish has to bite the head off Its been the same guy three times in a row...
  5. fishinaddict

    Using a Vexilar FL-20 next to a Marcum Flasher

    Fished my new LX-3tc next to an fl-8 today with no interference on either unit.
  6. fishinaddict

    Charging my LX5 batt

    Can somebody say TROLL Go find a bridge to sit under or something...
  7. fishinaddict

    VX-1 or LX-3tc?

    Sold my fl-8 so time to upgrade. I can get a vx-1 for $250, or the lx-3tc for around $300 after the $50 rebate. My question is the lx-3 worth the extra 50 bucks?
  8. fishinaddict


    Before I got my JM Meatstick I wouldn't fish perch or gills without a spring bobber. Now i've basically got a built in spring bobber. I run 2lb line and the smallest size gill pills or mud bugs and have no problems.
  9. fishinaddict

    What would be your first purchase?

    Vex first hands down. Might take longer to get a pattern on fish with a hand auger, but once you do its game over with the vex
  10. fishinaddict

    2010 & 2011 Show off your favorite Ice Photos

    Been a great year so far. Most kids would say college gets in the way of fishing but not when your 20min away from the IGL's First hole of the year catchin gills on a small public pond thats about a 1/2 mile walk in. My buddy, the amish fish finder Had the bay all to ourselves early ice and pulled out perch limits for 5 days straight. 4 man limit in 3hrs the next day
  11. fishinaddict

    whats your favorite rod and reel?

    Just got the JM Meatstick and love it. Have the reel off a genz stick combo on it right now but plan on getting something new. Can't get a better panfish rod for $30 imo.
  12. fishinaddict

    How much time do you spend in your fish house?

    Once I bought my guide last season I was out almost every day. Will be out even more this year goin to college 15min from the IGL's
  13. fishinaddict

    What battery for fishouse?

    We use a deepcell in our permy to run the lights
  14. fishinaddict

    Winter tactics for carp

    Not sure where u live, but in iowa we can snag em. Find small ponds off of the rivers that are still open and snag away. Got 5 today doing that, had a bunch more on. My friend got over 100 two winters ago doing the same thing
  15. fishinaddict

    2007 HSO Turkey Contest Submission Forum

    I'll try to get the rest of the pics by the 12th, but if not, here is what I got. It is a 10" that weighed 18lbs and had 7/8in spurs. It was shot durring the Iowa youth season.