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  1. interesting tip with the seat....not gonna lie they do suck for fishing anymore then about 2 hours in the flip over.... I know what your saying about southerners and ice fishing I Love pulling the "oh my god spread out and lay flat on the ice" trick to newbies when the ice cracks gets em everytime lol
  2. I have an 11lbr propane tank in the kitty litter box as well. Much more stable on this ice and snow or in the truck or sled. If that falls over and rolls around the coils on my sunflower heater usually break. I know a tip to make the heater run without the coils but people on here would deem it unsafe. Simply tape your saftey button down with electrical tape or duct tape. Not recommended for everyday use but if you do break that copper coil it is a good emergency fix. To combat ice on auger blades I keep a small hammer in my sled. Lightly tap on the shaft not the fins of the auger to remove ice. Keep your teeth on augers sharp thats a big one. Cooking spray on the sled works too but the dogs like to lick it then too.
  3. Def set up early to keep noise to a minimum but you gotta love the guy that comes in on the wheeler full boar at 445 500pm pulls out the 5hp jiffy and crackles pops and roars 20 holes 15 feet away!
  4. hmmm...interesting theory that could maybe hold some merit. I look at wildlife in a natural setting. Are there alot of deer on the roads birds flying aorund alot? the animals you see are they feeding? moving or holding tight? You can pretty much set fish behavior by the same thing. If squirels are perched in a tree or you spot a herd of dee bedded in a woodlot hunkered down I will fish tight to a corner in a break or a point and offer a slower presentation. If the birds and squirrels are freaking out and moving around alot and seem highly active well same thing. I will fish a well known flat or shallow feeding area hopefully near schools of baitfish. If they seem active but moving not really feeding too much I look for flats. If thyre are any hard fast rules about anything walleye though I learned there is no such ting as rules!
  5. Guiding would be my dream job as well...ever since I was a lil kid. I "guide" my buddies and their girlfriends, buddies parents, my own girfriend ect, but this is just "oh fishing would be fun or i wanna catch some fish for once" so I take them out no charge or allright chip n for gas and bait or pay me with a couple beers later type deal. And it really works out well for me. We usually catch fish and they have fun. So I think I would fit the guide thing but finances are another issue. I cant afford food being in college let alone gas half the time in the summer! the gear I have is the best I can afford which is good and alot of times actually more then I truly can afford. but I could never cover replacing gear or buying top of the line stuff or at least yet. As of now a breakdown in my truck would halt my fishing as it takes weeks to save up usually. but if I could over come the obstacles I truly feel I have the desire and the will to guide. I know im a better fisherman then lots of ppl but for now im never convinced im as good as need to be to guide. so for now its just a dream and Im fishing as much as I can to hopefully fufill that dream one day.
  6. BUSTED! okay its not soo bad. I know it sounds stupid but hoot like an owl. the deer will probably skit off but not too alarmed. Its also morning and dark. DARK IS YOUR FRIEND! deer dont seem to be as disturbed when something goes bump in the night. but from here I would be as quiet as possible and sneak with a random stop and go "deer walk" to the stand. Humans are the only animal in the woods that dosent stop when they walk or listen for five mins if they do stop. Also make sure you use colored lenses so you dont spook as many deer. Or preferably lose the light altogether. you will be suprised as to how much you can see once your eyes adjust to the dark. The best deer hunters I know take the old school no light approach. on the darkest of nights a small pen light may be all that is needed.
  7. Well you cant be fishing when running from point a to b at 40 mph... so i eat when i run SALTED NUT ROLLS AND or SNICKERS BAR!!! 2-3 cans of MT DEW vension salami sandwiches Jerky when i feel like caving in and buying that epensive stuff. I dont usually eat on my after work trips unless i go straight fishing....longer trips 5 hours plus I eat snacks, 10 hours plus i mow down food
  8. BRING ON THE NASTY!!! I love those 3 foot waves a howling wind and the front thats coming. Lightingand thunder within an hour is a plus! fish bite better when its nasty out!
  9. Today im in such a great mood! first time on open water with the boat and everything runs fantastic. But I got no less then 7 comments on my Pile of a thing motor cuz its japanese thats on a good day! I hear things like.... " Your the reason the economy is goign down the drain!" " I dont know what that is but its not Johnson or Merc(your choice)" " what a jap hunk of junk!"...ect I run a 40hp TOHATSU motor....personally i never even heard of them until my parents bought it.I bought it from them cuz they didnt like the fact it was a tiller but its sweet!!! she purrs like a kitten, powers like a bull, and quiet as your car. NOT ONE PROBLEM EVER....I like it but "its a jap pile of dog ****" The bombardment begins....
  10. DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED!!! If I didnt have bad luck I wouldnt have any at all! Last yr i got my boat ready long ways before opener. 2days before season I put in on Shagawa lake in ely to scout out some possible locations to see if i could find any concentrations of fish anywhere. Mid lake the motor jumps and winds high not unlike hitting rock." [PoorWordUsage]! theres no rocks out here!!" no forward no reverese nothing. My cotter key had busted and my whole prop assembly and hub on the bottom of the lake. great. trolled into shore via minkota. 2 weeks later 100 dollar parts arive from japan...I lose them...a month down the drain for my rig and i finally got the parts. sweet! finally can fish out of my own boat! the truck dosent start......god Get the idea??
  11. Bassboy1645


    I caught one on a jiggin rap this winter...I thought it was a walleye on the flasher and it came up like walleye smacked it and fought like walleye...it went about 2 pounds...first and only one I caught!
  12. WOW LOOKS LIKE ALOT OF FUN!!!! I never fished sturgeon before...thats all rainy river and the river mouth on LOW?? what kind of tackle bait does a guy use? rods reels line hooks?? does a guy need to use leaders?? Those 60 inch fish were pretty big...Is that the size they get or are they bigger?? just curious how you guys fish these things...
  13. Ill mention something very basic that has been overlooked. Camo should be quiet...not just quiet but ghost quiet. Think fleece or wool...I have just a basic olive and lighter forest green blobed jacket and pants from gander. there wool and camo. Find a camo that suits your environment well. For patterns you cant go wrong with Realtree or mossy oak. Up here anything dark is great cuz of al the pines. Stand placement is important. You will want plenty of cover behind you limbs and or the tops of other trees to keep you from being skylined. Deer have a tendency to be afraid of skylined things like ppl trying to kill them.
  14. I have a handful of lakes statewide where theres one or 2 spots that produce no matter what!!! Honestly even under worst conditions like cold fronts and hot flat calm( walleyes) I can pick up a fish here. But if its good I can get a bunch! So often esp if its a tourney, I get my couple eaters or my board fish and then I use that to determine if other spots and patterns will produce. On a relaxing day with a buddy or uncle we just try everything or stick with a couple known producers like jigging or casting a crank and we work every spot with one or 2 presentations thouroghly and rarely we strike out but if the fishing is decent at all we get a few.... Muskie I always cover structure good one time run and gun and hit it later if we raise fish or see anythign or think its good.. I never really ponder my choices..fishign wise...If im not feeling the technique or spot right away I change...I dont wait and see or try too many things... Just my syle though...
  15. 97 percent of muskie guys I see fish outta bassboats and console walleyes and nearly all of them are on a bow mount trolling motor. Id do the same but I found I like to cover water with my big motor in the slowest setting and I stand one one foot and have the other on the tiller handle. works pretty slick unless its windy or you fish all day. Anyone else fish muskies from the back of a deep V tiller??
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