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  1. Absolutely no way she'll be below 200 by sat. The Brule drops quickly out of flood stage, which I consider 300+ but will remain high for a while. With little to no rain, I would have that she'll dip below 200 middle of next week sometime. There's still a lot of ground water and potential run off if things thaw out at all. I'm guessing opener will still be around 240-260, which is tough, but fishable if the water clears up a bit. I've got my eyes on the north shore right now as well.
  2. Too funny Nate! hahahahaha!!! Actually I just looked at the real time flow data and the Brule is at 300 cfps right now which is pretty much unfishable and impossible to cross. I might be waiting til midweek now. 200+ is a challenge, 300+ is a cold frusterating day.
  3. The #1 reason why I like fishing the Brule when it's high and dirty. Not you in particular Steve!
  4. Superior Fly angler or Great Lakes Fly Company are going to be your best bets for reliable quality information.
  5. Owning an I phone helps. On days like today when I don't see much I can surf FM all day and read reports from people who do see deer. Heck, it's 12:30 and I'm in my stand right now! I just try to be out here as much as possible, not seeing deer still beats sitting on the couch.
  6. Wow, my eyes have been glued to the computer for the last hour reading the entire story, very enjoyable! Sounds like the trip of a lifetime, hopefully I can experience something remotely close to that someday. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Sure seems to be a lot of cohos around this fall. They seem to be a rare catch on a fly rod, but even I got into a few in the last week.
  8. Gotta love the actual fish pictures, with so many "look at what I caught pics" out there. Beautiful pics. A lot of chrome around this time of year.
  9. Hey Eric, give me a call in the AM and we can hook up. Otherwise look for the black jeep that's hard to miss. I'll be briefly "swinging" in the AM on my way downriver and then hope that my luck is slightly above unlucky in the afternoon. I'm sure you know where to find me, I'll be on the river around 10 am.
  10. I'm living on a small lake north of Duluth that's connected to Island Lake working full time up at Grand Superior Lodge. I've pretty busy through the summer and fall months, but have plenty of spare time in the winter months (too bad I hate the cold). Hopefully I can get into a few tommorrow, it's been way too long.
  11. I have only been out once and it was just as the run was starting, I got into a little steel and a few browns, but with an hour and a half drive it's tough for me to get over there now that I moved. The fact that I've been working 60 hours a week doesn't help the situation much either. I'll be on the river for a full day wed, so we'll see if I've still got the touch.
  12. We got out again this AM and saw a lot of birds at first light but things got slow real quick. We ended with 3 teal 3 woodies and a mallard. Can't complain though considering I only shot 5 ducks all season last year.
  13. Come on Jay, you don't need spawn to catch fish on the Brule. Throw on a sink tip or an idicator and those stones, nymphs, and soft hackles will work just fine.
  14. Good day for us considering the weather. We shot 18 teal and my buddies pup had a great first hunt. We also saw a few mallards and woodies but got no shots. Hope that a few come in closer tommorrow.
  15. It's a nice situation for me. I live on a small private lake that is connected to a large resevoir which is probably the most popular duck hunting lake in the area. I get to sleep in, set up about 8:30 and wait for the zoo to shoot up the lake and send all the ducks my direction. Not having to get up at 4 am sure is nice considering I just got home from work as I'm typing this at 2:45 am! Good luck to everyone and be safe!!!
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