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Walleye???? It may be Zander


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Just wondering if anyone cought the special last week on resturants in the twin cities selling Zander but listing it in the menu as Walleye. Zander is a Type of european fish that looks like Walleye, but is slightly different. The cost for the resturants is a lot less for the Zander.

I wonder if they will continue to check other places around the state. ff

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I never order walleye at restaurants because I am not a fan of commercial netting in Canada or Native American netting in the U.S., which is where all of the walleye the restaurants use comes from. I would order Zander any day of the week if it were labeled as such on the menu.

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I caught the news cast...Zanders look like a Walleye, so does a Sauger. Sauger and Walleye taste alike, but I would bet a Zander tastes different, because of the food they eat, habitat above and below the surface and the water they live in.

Cattle look pretty much the same, either up here, or in South America, but they don't taste the same, thats for sure!

Staying along these lines, would it be illegal to sell beef in an an American establishment, that did'nt advertise it as such, letting everyone assume it was North American beef?

Selling it at prices reflective of the cost of North American production, when in reality it is foreign (Sp? Is'nt I before e except after c?)produced.

I don't know if this happens, I'm just wondering, in light of this Zander thing....I've had a few steaks here and there, over the years, that were pretty funky?

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You got it right! The spelling of foreign, that is.

"I before E except after C, unless sounding like A, as in neighbor or weigh." grin.gifgrin.gif

I think there are a few exceptions but that'll cover you most of the time.

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