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NBA: Final Projections

Scott M

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With the wolves about 1/5 of the way into the schedule and as it stands, a 4 seed, where do you think they and the rest of the west will finish?

My thoughts:

1 San Antonio

2 Minnesota

3 Sacremento

4 Phoenix

5 Dallas

6 Houston

7 Denver

8 LA Lakers

Which leaves the Clippers, Portland, Utah, and Memphis out, and assumes the current best team in the league, Seattle doesn't make it. (They can't shoot 3's like that forever)

The scary thing is, 13 teams look like playoff teams on paper in the west....in the east, there are like 3 teams that could make the playoffs in the west. No matter what I like the wolves to win it all if they can find the defense at the end of the year.

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1. San Antonio - not enough credit for this strong, yet humble team.

2. Minnesota - awesome on paper

3. Phoenix - young, something to prove

4. Dallas - lots of talent, but will go nowhere with Nelson as coach . . . . or is it Johnson?

5. Sacramento - this team has been slowly dying for 3 years

6. Seattle - better than expected.

7. Utah - my upset special. Lots of talent, young legs (good for the postseason), one HECK of a coach!

8. Memphis - would have ranked them higher if Hubie Brown had stayed - that guy can coach!


1. Detroit - reigning champs until proven otherwise.

2. Indy - would have been first except for the suspensions - Detroit REALLY got the beter end of that deal!

3. Miami - Shaq, duh!

4 - 8: WHo cares. - Raw meat awaiting the grill!

Finals: Spurs and Pacers

Winner: Spurs

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Wolves 2? they still have to make the playoffs and might end up facing the spurs in the first round as the 8 seed!! Maybe you're right, let's hope. Spurs have the defense to win, otherwise Pheonix has the offensive talent. Miami or Detroit is my pick for the East, but Shaq injured his knee last night, that might open the door for someone else if it is serious, Miami won't go anywhere without Shaq. Sacramento just traded Chris Webber to Philly, I think they are downloading salary, so they are done.

I just hope McHale can get the t-dog into the playoffs, hopefully as a 7 seed so we don't have to face the Spurs, better chance against Pheonix or Seattle. But they will be the most feared low seed in the playoffs and nobody will wnat to play us!

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WOW- T-wolves #2 seed in the West. Right now they are lickin' the heels of the 8th and 9th seeded teams as we speak.

I'll cheer to the end for these guys, but it might be a bit to late for em. I just don't think they've got the energy to run with teams like Phoenix, Seattle, Dallas.

The 3 headed monster has turned into a 1 headed monster this year- that has to change!

I think Phoenix or SA will be taking home the hardware this year.

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Yes, those predictions were from December. I was talking with a buddy the other day: What would be the payout odds in say...October, to see the Gophers make the NCAA tournament and the Timberwolves not even make the playoffs? It would have to be like 200 or 300 to 1.

I haven't posted on hoops in a while, but this has been a sick year for the T-wolves. The franchise has taken a huge step back. Flip was the sacrificial lamb for a bunch of quitters and has-beens. We are old and the league is young. We can't defend and we play the worst basketball: Settle for jumpers, don't scrap, and play no defense. I just feel bad for Garnett. He gives his all night in and night out and it doesn't do any good.

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I'd say, unfortunately, that our odds of even making the playoffs are 50-50 at best. The Lakers aren't that good & catchable, but unfortunately apparently that's true of us as well.

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