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my buddie wayne (middle of group photo) on opening moring deer was sitting in the stand and up walks this moose. at first he was scared mom was around somewhere - after a few hours of her just standing around wayne called to her - she came right over to him. he played with her for about an hour and then thought there is no way anyone is going to believe his story - so he thought he would try and lead her back to camp. sure enough she walked accross two fields and up a ridge with wayne all the way back. we pull back into camp and wayne meets us on the road - after betting him $100 that he did not have a moose in the dog kennel we drove into camp. there she was...... turns out mom had been hit by a car a few miles away. she was just looking for someone to be nice to her. you have no idea how nice and gental she was around us. loved getting rubbed between the eyes and behind the ears.

we contacted the dnr to see if there was anything we could do for her - even got a local interested in keeping her for the winter with his cows. but the dnr man said we had to let her go. she stayed near camp for a few days and then took off. dnr said she was born this april and less then a 2% chance of making it thought the winter. i guess a moose calf stays with mom for about two years. kinda said but thats life. sure she is wolf bait by now. we named her marty the moose and will always be remembered at our deer camp!

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