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  1. hey long shot here i lost my walleye net between portside and the liberty beach boat ramp on mille lacs sunday afternoon around 2pm. not the best net in the world but i have had it for 12 years and would love to get it back. thanks Matt Treno 612-619-5690
  2. always hardto tell from a pic but i would say 43-43.5 you really dont get much of a pinch off a musky tail. use the longenst point which from the photo looks to be right about 43.
  3. well i hate to admitt this but i have not been out musky fishing yet this year. something must be wrong with me. no cave run trip. no early morning runs to iowa. no Wi opener. No trips to the croix. Not even a Mn opener..... what the heck is wrong with me! walleyefishingitis or something? well i am heading out on the pond all day tomorrow and just cant wait. have to go thru everything tonight and get ready but it will be worth it. hopefully the musky gods will forgive me. any reports from the pond?
  4. thanks for the info guys - i will be open water trolling. thinking of trying 2 with fireline and 2 with fluoro - i have some 14lb crystal laying around so i will use that but what lb fluoro do you use?
  5. ok i started messing around with leadcore last year. spolled up two setups and just started to play around. did pretty well so this year i plan to expand a bit and see where this takes me. i now have 4 leadcore combos - two 6 footers and a 9 and a 10 footer. i plan on runner the longer rods out the side and the shorts off the back. seems to be the way to do it. why cant i use a planner boards or do some people do that? how long of a leader do you guys use? last year i used mono but thinking braid for a bit more feel. someone told me 10 ft was about 5 ft down at 1 mpr. does that sound about right? any other tips - thoughts - ideas????
  6. double 20's ehh..... will be on the pond - most likly in the slop tossin a phantom or a old eagletail may sneak down to the metro for a midnight run depending on how busy my saturday looks.
  7. kustmoboy - was that monday night?
  8. i run leadcore all the time walleye fishing and use to mess with snap weights as well. i thought about trying a snap weight system for this but when i was thinking about the amount of weight i might need i started to lean towards the downrigger route. i want to get some baits that normal would run 1 to 5 ft and get them into the 27 - 32 ft range.
  9. i am wanting to mess around with a downrigger a bit this upcomming season and have a few questions the "mini rigger" - price seems right for a guy who may scrap the whole idea after a few weeks... looks like it will mount to my current rod holder bases - any issues with that? it comes with a 4lb ball but i will trolling at high speeds with large baits so i think i will need a much larger ball - will this unit handle the stress? i never used one before so let me ask a stupid question - rigger on back rod holder - rod in next hold up - run bait out to prefured distance - clip line to release on ball - with reel on freespool and clicker on run ball to depth how do you run more then one line per rigger?
  10. lots of cranks just need to be tuned right from the store. you may want to try running them without a leader first to get them running true. i have owned prolly close to 100 reef runners - almost all of which needed some adjustment. hard to beat a tank tested rapala....
  11. Shawn - did he have a pic of the one from his boat this fall out on ML?
  12. i have to check my log but i know i was on the pond nov 11. if that was a skeeter it was me. just not sure if i was on that side that day or not. ranger i bet it was lee. neat vid! love the sound of that cracking ice! after all my talk about downsizing i came home with a handfull of lures from the shop the other night..... in the third one righ as he pics up that fish i cringed a bit. need to lock the thumb so those fish cant get away on ya like that. landed in the water so it worked out fine.
  13. bad valve - those tanks are cheep and go bad sometimes.
  14. i learned then when the boat is beached on shore ducks sometimes like to make it there new home. which i guess i would be ok with if they didnt [PoorWordUsage] everywhere. man that was a mess! i learned that .8 ft is when my kicker bottoms out on a reef. i learned that i need to stay away from my hot walleye spots on weekends in the spring.... i learned how to remove a ton of water from my fuel tank after a poor choice in service stations in Ky.
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