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  1. Big-Al

    Sweet corn

    My corn was hit hard. It was 80% flat. It had real good recovery as its 95% standing at this point.
  2. Big-Al

    Electrical/fluorescent Light question

    Yes, that is the only logical explanation but I sure didn't think that a modern day starter would do that. I have never heard of that and never seen any type of warning.
  3. I had a very strange thing happen the yesterday. I was attempting to plug in a four foot twin bulb fluorescent fixture. The extension cord that I was plugging it into has always been difficult to get the plug connected. Usually with a little work it will go. Yesterday I tried several times to plug it and had no success. I then was going to grab the prongs of the plug compress them slightly to see if that would help. Upon contact with the plug prongs I got one hell of a jolt AND one bulb violently exploded. Can anyone explain what happened? I know these thing have a starter and the old ones even had a ballast with a capacitor, but this only has a starter. This is a few year old fixture with a grounded plug and the extension cord is grounded too. Scared the hell out of me.
  4. Big-Al

    Helix Summer Unit Conversion

    I too am planning on rigging a Helix for the ice. I have both an older generation 5 and and a gen 2 Helix 7 chirp. So I would like to know if the gen 2 7 would be that much more advanced for using on the ice than the first gen 5 or would the 5 do the same job for me? I am also trying to decide if I should but a carrier for it or make something.
  5. Comes with complete package- Hitch, Hifax runners, travel cover, and seats. Sled is in great shape. The tent shows some wear and the mice have helped ventilate the tent in a couple of places but is completely ready to go fishing today. Door window has a small crack. The zipper is very good as are all the poles. Sled has a plywood floor with eyebolts to bungee gear and a couple milk crates fastened down. $275.00 Will consider trades
  6. Big-Al


    That's too bad. I feel for ya. I had a failure a few years back. The problem for me was Aster Yellows which that year was extremely common in the Midwest. What was the problem for you this year? My crop is the best I have ever had, although it's not cured and stored yet. It seems to be a bit behind this year vs other years. I believe I have always harvested by the first of August. I am going to harvest a portion of my 600 plants today and let some mature further. I am fairly dry right now, but rain due tonight and tomorrow so I would like to get some out.
  7. Big-Al

    2017 Gardens

    I forgot to mention the carrots. I have likely the best crop of carrots that I have ever had. I don't think I have ever harvested carrots this large this early before.
  8. Big-Al

    2017 Gardens

    Garlic, peas, tomatoes, onions, beats, are doing quite well. Beans, corn, cabbage are OK. Broccoli and vine crops poor.
  9. Big-Al


    So is the garlic planted in Itasca or Stearns Co.? I am in St. Louis co and the scapes will start around now in my neck of the woods. Let them grow till they form a full curl and then point back straight up. It takes a week or so from start to cutting time. Not all plants form scapes at the same time so it may be difficult to hit the right time on one trip. I am finishing a two week vacation so I would guess mine will be started when I get home.
  10. Big-Al

    Mulch for garden

    I've been doing this for twenty plus years and am absolutely sold on this method.
  11. Big-Al

    2013 Ford F-150? Junk truck?

    My 14 Ecoboost was dumping fuel into the crankcase. After as few as 400 miles on an oil change it had 4 to 6% fuel in the oil. The oil level would rise on the stick immediately after a change. The oil reeked of fuel. The lab that tested the oil said the lubricating properties of the oil was extremely compromised. The dealer replaced all the injectors and the high pressure fuel pump and it did not help. There is a known issue with fuel dilution on direct injection engines but not to the point that mine had. Ford bought it back and I now have a 5.0.
  12. Big-Al

    Doe permit muzzleloader?

    By this statement in the regs, I guess I would interpret that a permit issued for a zone would be valid for either muzzle or firearms. I am not a muzzleloader so I have not paid close attention before but they sure could (should) make it clearer is this is not the case. Successful applicants will receive a postcard in the mail authorizing them to take an either-sex deer using their regular license in that lottery deerarea.The authorization will be valid for both the firearm or muzzleloader season; however, you must still have a valid license for that season.
  13. Big-Al

    Doe permit muzzleloader?

    From the regs- Regular muzzleloader license—any hunter can buy a muzzleloader license, including people who have purchased a firearm license. The license is valid for either-sex deer in any hunter choice, managed, or intensive area. In lottery areas, you must have an either-sex permit to take an antlerless deer.