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  1. And who knows. The dealer may have some incentive to make things right.
  2. I am thinking about purchasing a new boat, due largely to my boat being down for the last month. I have been in and really do like the options and layout of the Lund Impact. What pros and cons do you folks see? The 1875 Sport is what I would be leaning towards. I am also looking for personal experience with the Mercury 150. That motor seems to be getting good reviews.
  3. Well, its back at the dealer. let's see if they can fix whatever they messed up.
  4. Spoke too soon. I think the motor was being cooled by the pressure from the hose on the muffs. Took it to the lake and alarm sounded after 15 minutes of idling.
  5. I just backflushed for 30 minutes and then ran motor on muffs for 35 minutes and no alarm, I might have cleared whatever the problem is.
  6. Mercury Optimax 115 hp, 2006. I had water in lower unit so decided that I would get a seal kit installed and also replace impeller as long as the lower unit was being serviced. Put it on the lake and got a high temp alarm. Back to dealer and now they replaced thermostat, although dealer says they can't replicate alarm. This time put muffs on it and alarm again. I get a good telltale stream but not immediately. There is some lag time and then it spits an sputters before a good flow. I sure think that it was immediate before the work. So my question is did the dealer mess up on the impeller or is something else going on? This motor has never had a high temp alarm before.
  7. My corn was hit hard. It was 80% flat. It had real good recovery as its 95% standing at this point.
  8. Yes, that is the only logical explanation but I sure didn't think that a modern day starter would do that. I have never heard of that and never seen any type of warning.
  9. I had a very strange thing happen the yesterday. I was attempting to plug in a four foot twin bulb fluorescent fixture. The extension cord that I was plugging it into has always been difficult to get the plug connected. Usually with a little work it will go. Yesterday I tried several times to plug it and had no success. I then was going to grab the prongs of the plug compress them slightly to see if that would help. Upon contact with the plug prongs I got one hell of a jolt AND one bulb violently exploded. Can anyone explain what happened? I know these thing have a starter and the old ones even had a ballast with a capacitor, but this only has a starter. This is a few year old fixture with a grounded plug and the extension cord is grounded too. Scared the hell out of me.
  10. I too am planning on rigging a Helix for the ice. I have both an older generation 5 and and a gen 2 Helix 7 chirp. So I would like to know if the gen 2 7 would be that much more advanced for using on the ice than the first gen 5 or would the 5 do the same job for me? I am also trying to decide if I should but a carrier for it or make something.
  11. Comes with complete package- Hitch, Hifax runners, travel cover, and seats. Sled is in great shape. The tent shows some wear and the mice have helped ventilate the tent in a couple of places but is completely ready to go fishing today. Door window has a small crack. The zipper is very good as are all the poles. Sled has a plywood floor with eyebolts to bungee gear and a couple milk crates fastened down. $275.00 Will consider trades
  12. Big-Al


    That's too bad. I feel for ya. I had a failure a few years back. The problem for me was Aster Yellows which that year was extremely common in the Midwest. What was the problem for you this year? My crop is the best I have ever had, although it's not cured and stored yet. It seems to be a bit behind this year vs other years. I believe I have always harvested by the first of August. I am going to harvest a portion of my 600 plants today and let some mature further. I am fairly dry right now, but rain due tonight and tomorrow so I would like to get some out.
  13. Big-Al

    2017 Gardens

    I forgot to mention the carrots. I have likely the best crop of carrots that I have ever had. I don't think I have ever harvested carrots this large this early before.
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