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  1. I like to take a medium onion and slice it in half and then take a little off the bottom so that it sits on the grill. Then a pat of butter and some seasoning. They are great with burgers and steaks.
  2. I marinated some of the wife’s “but they were a really good deal” steaks in something similar last week and it was great. The kids and the wife all loved it. Never thought about trying that on wings.
  3. I Was telling a coworker about cooking like this the other day. He cannot have a grill where he’s currently living so he’s going to try something like this. I have never tried it and I don’t know that I ever will but after reading your posts and how adamant you are about it I figured it must work. He’s getting tired of smoking up his place cooking them in a pan on the stove.
  4. I’ve never thought about warming them in the oven but since I bought my pellet grill last year sometimes I will set it to 180 for a half hour or so before turning it up to cook. I haven’t ever pre seasoned beef steaks but I normally do a meal worth of venison backstraps every year like that. Season and seal and then leave in the fridge for a day before freezing.
  5. For good steaks like ribeye or t bones all I’ve ever done is take it out of the fridge and salt with either sea salt or kosher salt and then some pepper. I leave them on the counter until they’re at room temp before grilling. For the cheaper cuts that my wife always seems to bring home because they were “a good deal” I like to marinade. Mainly because that’s the only way I can make it and have the kids eat it.
  6. The wife stopped at the butcher the other day and picked up a marinated tri tip. This was the first time cooking a tri tip and I’m pretty sure the first time eating it. Turned out great on the pellet grill. Lots of flavor although I prefer to do a rub instead of a marinated on beef.
  7. The last time I made cheesy meatloaf I used baby bells in the middle and it was great. The picture I saw where I got the idea had them stacked side by side but I put them end to end. Side by side seemed like too much cheese. I don’t remember much leaking out.
  8. I don’t have experience with either round but I’ve been doing some research on the 350 and 450 Bushmaster. A lot of the articles also mention the 300 and they all pretty much say the 350 is far superior to the 300.
  9. Do you just substitute bourbon for the vodka? I’m not a Bloody Mary drinker. I can do about one a year but I make mine with Clamato. I can’t do tomato juice except on a plane. It’s never been the vodka that turned me off on them but bourbon sure makes it more appealing.
  10. It was a coborns owned store in ND. I stopped into one in MN today and it was also on sale there but it was $34. I’d still be happy paying that price.
  11. Tried out a couple different bourbons in the last few weeks. The local store had Redemption on sale. It was good over ice and fairly smooth. Also tried Basil Hayden for the first time. I found it on sale also and have to say this may be my new favorite for sipping. Very smooth with no bite at all. I got the bottle for under $30 and plan to grab a couple more before they’re off sale.
  12. I have a 13 Ford and was having some strange connection issues to my phone and also to the USB stick I have music on. I created an account on the ford website and entered my vehicle info including the VIN. Turns out there was a software update for the sync in my pickup. Downloaded the update and installed as the instructions stated and everything worked fine again. That was a couple years ago now. If there is is no update for yours the only thing I would recommend would be to remove your pickup from your Bluetooth list on your phone and remove your phone from the devices in the pickup and try the pairing process again.
  13. I am hoping to get my 9 year old daughter out again this year around home. Last year we went out and unfortunately her dad was dumb and setup in the wrong spot. I got a Tom to come to the spot I had initially picked out and decided against after some second guessing. We were able to get a hen to come in and hang around for about 5 minutes.
  14. That’s a good point. I think a lot would depend on the quality and age of the battery. I have a plow on my Can Am and it would get pretty weak.
  15. And I would recommend getting a battery tender and plug it in after every use. Like Dave said, the constant running of the winch draws a lot and using the tender will make sure it’s charged when it’s time to use it.
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