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  1. I’ve never hunted rabbits with dogs but it’s always been one of those things I always thought would be a blast. My dad has told me plenty of stories about hunting them with dogs down south when he was young. I’ve shot a few but they were always shot when I was younger and sneaking through the woods squirrel hunting.
  2. On my pellet grill the smoke setting is right around 180. I thought they’d need more time in smoke but checked them after 45 minutes and they were around 130 so I cranked the temp to try get the skin crisped up. I really didn’t want to do the wings and thighs at the same time but that’s how it ended up working out. I have never cooked wings and I thought they turned out alright. Everything had a good smoke flavor and was juicy. Next time I may smoke them on my Bradley and then transfer to the pellet grill. The smoker does a much better job smoking then the pellet grill in my opinion.
  3. I heard that also. I was never a fan of his but he was definitely a damn good basketball player. RIP.
  4. I did wings and thighs on the pellet grill yesterday as a test run for next weekend. I’m not a big chicken eater but I enjoy thighs and the best part is that you really can’t mess them up on a grill. They’re always nice and juicy. I put the wings and thighs on the grill on the smoke setting for 45 minutes and then cranked it up to 400 until they hit 170-175. Everything was fall of the bone and the flat side of the wings were great. The thighs got a dousing of Thai BBQ and wings got Parmesan garlic.
  5. I just mixed cream cheese and shredded cheddar and stuffed it inside a jalapeño. Then I took the sausage and flattened it and then wrapped it around the jalapeño. Then I smoked them at 225 until the sausage was done. They didn’t have as much kick as I expected them to. I sliced them and then put some Texas Pete on them. I’m hoping to try making them again sometime and experiment with other things mixed in the cream cheese.
  6. I thought I posted these but must’ve forgot. Apps turned out ok. We had some stuff come up so I ended up not having as much time to cook as planned. I did the armadillo eggs and the shrimp wrapped around sausage and they turned out ok. I used venison Italian sausage for the eggs and I think a sausage like jimmy dean would’ve been better. I sprinkled the shrimp with old bay seasoning. The sausage for the shrimp is some venison country sausage. This combo was good but I cooked it longer than I should have so the shrimp were overcooked. I also cooked a beef tenderloin whole which turned out great.
  7. I signed up for the free 30 day trial last spring and binge watched the first 6 seasons.
  8. How many people have watched Letterkenny on Hulu? It is by far the best thing I’ve watched in a long time. It’s a Canadian show with humor similar to trailer park boys but set on the farm. If you don’t have Hulu you can get a 30 day trial free. It’s worth just getting the trial to watch it. There is strong language so it’s not something to watch with kids around. I can almost guarantee that you’ll enjoy it. I had my brother do a test on my 70 year old dad and now he’s hooked.
  9. Volbeat, Avenged Sevenfold, and Metallica at US Bank Stadium. It was there that I realized I wasn’t really into the live shows anymore. I forgot my ear plugs and standing on the floor the whole time was tough on the back. I may go to some smaller shows in the future but will make sure to remember the ear plugs. It’s not fun anymore to have ears ringing for days.
  10. Those crappies look great! I have never tried smoking any fish. I’m sure you’ve put what you brine them in on here already but I’m too lazy right now to look. Do they dry out at all? I think I have one small package left in the freezer. May have to try that on Christmas Eve also.
  11. Mine is an older analog version that doesn’t error out. I do have issues with it heating up enough if it’s below 30. I’ve started bringing it into the basement the night before using it to get it warmed up. I also use a felt like welding blanket wrapped around it to help hold some heat.
  12. Lots of great ideas! Im not a big wing eater but I may have to try them smoked. Move always wonder how well shrimp would take smoke. My wife loves shrimp so these may be something to try as well. I’m thinking wrapped in bacon and when the shrimp are almost done I’ll toss them in the pellet grill and seat them until the bacon is done. My daughter informed me last night that she wants the armadillo eggs but with green peppers instead of jalapeño so I’ll be making both variations. Thanks for the suggestions so far. Keep them coming.
  13. This year I am taking the entire week of Christmas off so I’m going to have time to make some extra good apps. Normally for Christmas Eve we do some grazing on apps and make steaks. What is the best smoked app you’ve made? Right now I’ve got some cheese that I smoked resting and plan to make smoked armadillo eggs with some venison sausage. I’ve done a fatty before which is always good. I’ve got a pellet grill and Bradley smoker.
  14. I just put on a set of Falken Wildpeak ATW3 before hunting season and have been impressed so far. The only problem is I don’t have anything to compare against because they replaced the factory tires on my pickup that were 6 years old. I wanted a little more aggressive tire than the factory tires and these seemed to fit that description. I only put about 7-8k miles on my pickup a year so it’s going to take a while to find out for sure how they are in the wrong run but I am happy so far and the price on these tires was great.
  15. I have done it a few times in the past. It’s not a hard job but you’re going to get plenty dirty and like grainbelt said, if can get hot during the warmer months. You used to get the blower for free after buying a certain number of bags but I’m not sure that’s the case any more. If if you do it be sure to think about your path out before you start. You want to start at the back and work your way to the access and not have to climb over any of the freshly blown insulation. I have heard that some people would go up in the attic with a sharpie and measure how deep you want the insulation to be. Then mark the rafters. I’ve never done it that way. I’ve used a paint stir stick or something similar and just spot checked as I went along to make sure I got it to the desired depth. The last time i helped helped a friend do this we had the blower in the back of a pickup and just backed up right under the access. One person in the box and the other in the attic. The machine we had didn’t have a remote shut off so the person with the hose would just plug it with their hand to signal the guy on the bottom to turn the machine off. If you go go through with it yourself I’d buy one of the white disposable cloth suits to wear and a few dust masks. If you wear contacts I would take them out and wear glasses. And like rundave mentioned, make sure you’ve got the chutes installed so you get airflow from the soffit.
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