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  1. huntnfish

    Muzzy 2018

    I wasn't planning on going due to the project list getting longer but I took my 7 year old out to sit last weekend. We got home and he was telling his mom all about it and how cool it was seeing deer walk by and how he wished there was more time in the season. That was when the wife asked why I wasn't going to go during muzzleloader and that I should go so I can take him out again. I felt like I had to be a good husband and just agree with her. Sometimes it's about compromising with your wife just to keep the peace in the house.
  2. huntnfish

    Turkey Day Ice?

    I would bet that there will be people out on smaller lakes in the Detroit Lakes area this weekend.
  3. huntnfish

    Single Stage Snow Throwers

    I have used a Toro single stage for about 10 years now. I was very skeptical until I helped a friend with snow removal. I won't ever go back to a 2 stage. Mine is a 2 stroke but I've seen the 4 stroke Toros in action and they seem just as good. There have been a couple times of heavy snow fall where I had to do the driveway in the middle of a storm and again at the end and also times of breaking up the plow ridge at the end but the pros far outweigh the cons. I like that it folds up like a lawnmower. When I get the mower out in the spring the blower goes under the shelf. No more big bulky blower in the way all the time and the rubber paddles clean right down to the cement. It's light enough to throw in the pickup and if you lift on the handles it'll propel itself if the snow isn't super deep. Go for the single. You won't regret it.
  4. huntnfish

    Deer Heart

    Our camp makes heart and liver every year. I believe the heart is fried in butter. I have tried it but don't care for it and always make sure I save a package of chops from the previous year to eat on heart day. I think ours are soaked in salt water for a couple days before cooking. We also make deer liver and I also pass on that. I like beef liver but not deer.
  5. huntnfish

    Montana Archery Elk 2018 By Cheetah

    Great story, Cheetah! I love reading these kinds of posts.
  6. huntnfish

    Nm Elk

    Nice job Scoot!
  7. huntnfish

    Humminbird helix

    I could always go and spend more money on an additional unit but some of it is like Floyd said. I have a hard enough time watching one screen. I have the app on my phone. I think that lowrance has the ability to split the screen into 4. I just can't believe I'm the only person who would like to see this but maybe I am. It may not be as big a deal once I get more familiar with the unit. Right now I like to look at all the screens to help discern what it is im seeing on the screen. I appreciate the input!
  8. huntnfish

    Humminbird helix

    I upgraded my electronics this year to a Humminbird Helix 10. I love it so far with the exception of not being able to split the screen into 4 separate screens. The max that you can do is 3. I would really like to be able to have the map, sonar, down imaging, and side imaging on the screen at the same time while trolling. I emailed tech support and they said it's not something that is an option at this time. Right now when I'm fishing I switch back and forth between map, sonar, and DI and sonar, DI, and SI. Is there anyone else that thinks this should be an option? I don't know see why you can't customize the screen to show whichever features you prefer instead of only using the preloaded options that Humminbird decided on. I have thought about emailing the company weekly asking if they have that ability yet but wanted to see if anyone else thinks it should be an option.
  9. huntnfish

    Bourbon and Whiskey

    I tried a few new ones the last couple weeks. The first was Evan Williams 1783. Very good over ice or mixed with a splash of water. Plenty smooth and good enough that I got a second bottle to replace the one that somehow became empty. Price was about $16. 12 foot beard. This was ok and smooth enough to drink over ice. The best part about this one was that someone else bought it. Price was about $30 a bottle. It was good enough to drink on someone else's dime but I don't think I'd buy it myself. I also tried a bottle of Redemption. This was very good over ice and about the closest thing I've found to the Trader Joe's bourbon that I like. Price was about $18 a bottle. Definitely one that I would buy again. I dont know why but I like the bottle with a cork and not a screw off cap. The Redemption and Beard both had corks.
  10. I am new to the 4 stroke world and need to change the fluids in my 05 Suzuki 115 four stroke. What does everyone use for oil, filter, and lube? I was planning on using Mobil 1 or Amsoil 10-40 for the engine oil and the Lucas 90w gear oil for the lower unit. I don't know what filter to get. I know Fram has a filter that fits the motor. I run synthetic oil in my vehicles along with the filters designed for synthetic. I change my own oil and figure the peace of mind is worth the extra few bucks. Any opinions?
  11. huntnfish

    Bourbon and Whiskey

    I picked up a bottle of Old Forester the other day for something new. I thought is was pretty good. Plenty smooth over some ice.
  12. huntnfish

    Engel bait coolers

    That's what my backup plan is. I'm pretty sure that's what I'll be doing. I haven't been able to figure out what the little tray was good for. I always kept crawlers in there but it only fit a container or two in it.
  13. huntnfish

    Engel bait coolers

    They do sell them but it's just the one big net for the entire cooler. That's more than likely what I'll end up doing. I just think that 2 separate net areas would be a little more handy.
  14. huntnfish

    Shaffer Opposition

    I've never used one but I've seen a few on bows at archery shoots and at the range. The same people use them year after year and transfer them to their new bows. I've never really been sold on them. I feel like there is more that could go wrong with that than some of the other rests on the market. Seems like the sliders could get dirty and hang up or start acting up when it's cold like Brule said. Of course if you're shooting a drop away of any kind something could always go wrong. All that said I have heard good things about Schaefers warranty and him standing behind his products. I have a NAP Apache on my bow that has been great and has thousands of arrows through it. The next rest I buy will be a QAD Ultra rest though.
  15. huntnfish

    Navionics App... Favorite Feature?

    I've been playing around with the shading as well. It really helps when scouting new lakes to help narrow down potential spots and chop the lake down. I didn't know this feature even existed until talking with a friend the other day about how we setup our depth finders and he said he starts with a wide depth range in the morning and if he starts seeing a pattern depth wise he will start closing the range. I checked the app and sure enough it's in there. When I got home I figured out how to do it on the depth finder in the boat. I also like it when out on the lake to figure out where I'm headed next. My phone is much quicker than my graph for jumping around. On a side note, has anyone else been sitting in their boat dreaming about open water? I haven't been able to get out much this winter with kids activities taking up a lot of time and when nothing is scheduled it's way too cold. I think I've drank more beer in my boat this winter than I did all summer!