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  1. I made my annual batch of Turkey gizzards on New Year’s Eve. I forgot to take them out to thaw so I ended up throwing them in the crockpot mostly frozen. They still turned out amazing. I thought I had a picture of them finished but can’t find one on my phone. I highly recommend anyone to try this. If you like venison you will love Turkey gizzards cooked like this. The goop is only a can of each of cream of chicken and mushroom and an onion. I also added some minced garlic and plan to add that when I start them next year. I didn’t have fresh so I just used the pre minced stuff I had in the fridge. Put them in a crockpot and cook on low as long as it takes until they melt in your mouth. Typically that’s 8-12 hours. I’ve used different flavors of creaked soup and they’re all good. I made 4 pound of gizzards. The wife found these at the local coborns owned grocery store.
  2. I’m not a lemon on fish person either. I’ve done lemon pepper and can tolerate it but if I’m cooking fish on the grill I prefer some garlic and butter.
  3. Oh man. I used to go out of state to bow hunt and the one guys meal was chili Mac. Super simple and nothing but boxes or cans. Just boil some noodles. Elbow macaroni was the best. Heat up hormel chili and mix the cooked noodles in chili in your bowl and then dump a whole bunch of shredded cheese in and mix up. I’ve never made it at home but I’d guess it’s not as good as when you’re out hunting.
  4. Ok. That makes sense. Anyone have thoughts on what the cheese would be like in the brine? I would guess it doesn’t soak up the brine and would probably dissolve but it still sounds interesting.
  5. I’ve never seen someone add cheese to their pickled eggs. What’s the cheese like after being in the brine? I may have to give that a try. I’ve also got a bunch of venison country sausage that I could add.
  6. I grilled the whole backstrap on my pellet grill. I agree. I enjoy it cooked without the soup but cooking it this way is something I’ve eaten since I was a kid so there it’s a little sentimental with the soups. If I’m cooking it that way without the soup I like to add some red/green/yellow peppers. The flavors all together are awesome. I’ve always wanted to make it like that but also add some fresh jalapeños to spice it up a bit. My daughter has been very stingy with her deer meat from last season. I had some out and she says to me “I know that’s not my deer you have in the fridge. Because I’m sure you’d say something if you were planning on cooking my deer”. The sass is unreal In that girl. I’m just glad she enjoys hunting. She loves animals so I wasn’t sure how she’d be shooting one. After she shot her buck last year I was talking to her about it. I asked her how she was doing and she says “ I’d feel bad if they didn’t taste so good”.
  7. It’s much better with fresh asparagus but the time of year is wrong and the store bought stuff is generally garbage.
  8. My absolute favorite way for backstraps is to cut some onion and cook with butter and garlic. Throw the backstrap chunks in and cook through. Them dump in cream of mushroom and cream of chicken and let it simmer. Then some milk to thin it out. Pour that concoction over some cubed potatoes and it’s heaven. I’ve been eating it that way since a kid and it’s one of those things that never fails. Pretty much impossible to screw up and delicious every time.
  9. It’s the night before the youth season so I decided to start a new tradition. It’s my daughters second year and next year my son will be old enough. Last weekend putting away the food from the lake I discovered a chunk of backstrap and a package of backstraps that I made into chops. Both kids love the backstraps. My daughter so much that she made me swear not to make any unless I talked to her first. She felt the need to approve the guest list if we were making any. She got a deer last year and needed to make sure the people enjoying it were up to her standards. The night before seemed like a great time to clear them out. I made my 2 favorite meals on the same night. I didn’t cook a backstrap whole until last Christmas Eve. I ate one during deer season and it was amazing and I had to try it myself. I’ve cooked a bunch since then. Here is the before and after
  10. Thank you and it was. That was the first time ever cooking one whole. Normally I steak them out and cook them. I will still cut them up and fry them in some gravy but like wanderer said, this is the way to go. I found an article on meateater before the season that talked about wet aging venison so I gave it a try and it sure seemed to work. It just melted in your mouth. I don’t think I’ve ever had venison that tender.
  11. That would be my guess. I normally get 3 years on flasher batteries. After that I replace it and use it for the LED lights.
  12. Made some Turkey gizzards in the crockpot the other day. These are one of my favorite things to cooked. I just cut up an onion and then a couple cans of cream soup. The longer you cook them, the better they are. I normally try to make sure they cook for at least 10 hours.
  13. Cooked a chunk of backstrap on the pellet grill. This was the first time I have tried one whole. It turned out awesome. I cooked it to about 135. Seasoned with Montreal steak.
  14. My wife just picked up the 22” for just under $100. She’s been eyeing one up for the lake for a while. I am excited to give it a try.
  15. I store my boat in an Unheated shop for the winter. I pull all batteries and keep them in my heated garage and periodically charge them throughout the winter. I try to put my digital float charger on each one once every few weeks. I did store my boat in the garage the first winter I had it because I wanted to add and make a bunch of changes. That winter I would plug the onboard charger in every so often. I don’t know if this is the best way or not but it’s what I do.
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