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  1. Thank you and it was. That was the first time ever cooking one whole. Normally I steak them out and cook them. I will still cut them up and fry them in some gravy but like wanderer said, this is the way to go. I found an article on meateater before the season that talked about wet aging venison so I gave it a try and it sure seemed to work. It just melted in your mouth. I don’t think I’ve ever had venison that tender.
  2. That would be my guess. I normally get 3 years on flasher batteries. After that I replace it and use it for the LED lights.
  3. Made some Turkey gizzards in the crockpot the other day. These are one of my favorite things to cooked. I just cut up an onion and then a couple cans of cream soup. The longer you cook them, the better they are. I normally try to make sure they cook for at least 10 hours.
  4. Cooked a chunk of backstrap on the pellet grill. This was the first time I have tried one whole. It turned out awesome. I cooked it to about 135. Seasoned with Montreal steak.
  5. My wife just picked up the 22” for just under $100. She’s been eyeing one up for the lake for a while. I am excited to give it a try.
  6. I store my boat in an Unheated shop for the winter. I pull all batteries and keep them in my heated garage and periodically charge them throughout the winter. I try to put my digital float charger on each one once every few weeks. I did store my boat in the garage the first winter I had it because I wanted to add and make a bunch of changes. That winter I would plug the onboard charger in every so often. I don’t know if this is the best way or not but it’s what I do.
  7. I cold smoke cheese in my Bradley but only when the temps are around 50 or less. I don’t plug in the smoker itself. I just use the heat from where the wood pucks get heated.
  8. I’m going to have to try the mayo on the PB sandwich. It has to be dukes mayo though. My go to sandwich when the wife and kids kids are gone is a sunny side up egg on peanut butter toast. If I have some bacon or maybe sausage I’ll add that but it stands pretty well on its own. All this talk talk has me thinking that maybe tonight’s meatloaf sandwich will be mayo and peanut butter?
  9. That’s actually Mayo. The only kind of sandwich that gets butter is ham.
  10. It was just a grill mat I cut in half. In the picture there are 2 sitting on half a mat that I cut. I ordered them off amazon to put wings on.
  11. Meatloaf on the pellet grill today. First time I’ve done it out of the pan because I wanted more smoke on it. I wrapped 3 with parts of some pans I use for smaller items that go on the grill. All but one we stuffed with cheese. One had baby bells, one string cheese sticks, and the other had hoop cheese. The fourth had a combination of the three with what was left. Turned out fantastic with the baby bells being the favorite.
  12. Knee to the chest has got him to not jump up like that on me or my family. He is mainly jumping up at strangers to him. I tell people to do that and some do and he quits. I am hoping to figure out a way to stop that. I have a training collar for him but it’s never on when someone just stops by. He has not had his dew claws removed. I had been feeding him 1.5 cups 3 times a day but switched to 2 cups twice a day. Don’t ask why I was doing 3 times a day because I really have no idea. He seems to eat slower now with the twice a day. Not sure if that had anything to do with the loose
  13. This whole dog thing is definitely a learning experience. I had a dog growing up but being young I didn’t have much to do with any discipline or training. He has been a great dog so far but I can’t seem to break him of jumping into peoples faces. Not jumping on them but more like jumping up to get his nose on their cheeks. Nothing aggressive just trying to make new friends.
  14. Thanks guys. I was wondering about the diamond. I’ve looked at all kinds of reviews and they look good for diamond. I’ve talked to everyone I know with a dog and all have different opinions on food and it’s over whelming to try find something new.
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