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  1. That is amazing...where do YOU suppose it was taken!! I would guess SE. MN because of those blufffs, or else across the river on the wisc. side. The tags should be the give away, but I am not sure!! Wonderful deer!
  2. Why eat the 3x3?? Why not just shoot a small doe or two???? I mean if you aren't a trophy hunter anymore, why is the deer having bone on it's head important???
  3. 20 inches isn't a bad weight to stop at. The bigger the fish, the more eggs they hold, so the more vital they are to the population. Also, it could help create a better age structure. We all know that the best eating walleyes are the 13-18 inchers anyway, any larger and they get mushy to be honest!! So I would support this!!
  4. that is a really good idea, it protects volunerable fish!! Or at the minimum have a slot limit to protect tiny ones and the big boys!
  5. HEY!! Where is the pic from??? I am dying to get some info, and you hve left me in the dark!!
  6. Eric_Sieve

    HS Record

    Watched both of you guys at some point I believe. At least the J-W-P fellow. I have gone to the state tourney for the last decade...and I am only 18. Seen a LOT of great games and players: Khalid, Pryz, Lane, god....highschool basketball is GREAT!! I never went to state, nor did I really play to much. I am envious of you two for making it, congrats to you both!
  7. First, Lawdog, tripper wasn't diverting attention from anything, I don't know what you are talkin' about. Secondly to everyone, I feel that stands not nailed into trees are perfectally ok, as long as you take them down after the season. I don't think that you should have to hang your stand everyday, that is obsurd as heck!! I don't believe anything should be left behind, but I also don't think that leaving a stilted stand up all season is such a huge deal!!
  8. Where was this picture taken!!!!! The suspense is just KILLING ME!!
  9. Hey MGH....thanks for the compliments....my parents live in northeast minnesota and I spent a lot of time there...I am currently going to the main U, but I think I am going ot transfer to UWL...better deerhunting and better people..... Just remember Penn State....Take care
  10. I went to K-Mart the other day and here is what I got: 10 Scent Killer BIG BOTTLES for 1.60 (Origionally $12) A bunch of urine for about 75% off (even if it's a year old it still works, and the company said if I send it to them, they'll send me new stuff) The scent free detergent that was $6 at gander was 1.30 at K-Mart. Plus good gloves for 2 bucks! And much more odds and ends. Overall I saved prolly about 150 dollars. It was a blast! This was the Bemidji K-Mart, so I don't know what other ones are like, check it out though!
  11. I am thinking about going to UWL next year. Are there good public lands around lacrosse and are land owners receptive to requests to hunt their property?? Any advice would be great! Thanks!
  12. Eric_Sieve

    Gopher Men

    The thing is though, the loss wasn't a let down...i mean Illonis could be anyone in the nation, let alone the confrence!
  13. Eric_Sieve

    HS Record

    I have to agree. I had a step sister that played for rushford-peterson last year. R-P had a hell of a team and cam close of few times but E-M just has TOO MANY GUNS!! They are a great team...I can't deny that!
  14. Wow....Fantasy bass....weird....I'd rather do it myself, but everyone is different I guess!
  15. Yea I like to find them myself also, I was just passing on a tip I heard...yea, snow is still pretty good here toO! Bummer...gotta wait till like march
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