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Starting back up after Gun season


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I stopped hunting after gun season here. Now that I am going back out into the fields with my bow, any suggestions on deer tactics? The deer in my area got pushed around pretty well (Princeton area). They are pretty wary. I am thinking that this weekend will be enough time for them to calm down a bit. Questions:

1. there is still a lot of corn up. I am set up near an entrance to a swamp and exit of standing corn. Would it be better to hunt over the swamp area instead?

2. Is anyone else seeing deer movement during hunting hours? I have not seen anything lately.

3. There is a ribcage and lower legs of a deer that was shot last weekend 100-200 yards away from my stand (I ran into a skunk feeding on it when I was setting up). It is not on the trail, but may be sending scent downwind. Will this cause a problem?

4. Is the rut still on?

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4) In the past I've seen lots of bucks still chasing does at Thanksgiving time. Even if they can't find a doe, the bucks will still be cruising and looking.

3) I've actully seen deer tracks by gut piles, that rib cage won't affect you a bit. Death and nature go hand in hand.

2) Just last Sunday I saw deer moving at hunting time.

1) Sounds like a good spot. But maybe a second stand is warranted in the swamp, after gun season the deer will be spookyier and more nocturnal - for a while until the cold weather sets in and they're hungry.

Good luck.

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i agree i would set a stand closer to the swamp. not too close though 100 -150 yards. i hunt in central wisc. the rifle season starts tommorrow. but the last 4-5 days the buck activity has slowed dramatically. i believe it will pick up around thanksgiving for the second rut. also the deer have been coming out later for some reason so thats why i would hunt closer to the swamp to give u more time for action gl2u

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