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  1. I had a doe sneak up behind me once while playing my phone. My senses dulled as they were focused on the game. Never again.
  2. That deer is the size of a fawn here in Minnesota.
  3. The CO's are going to be strict this year. You must tag your deer where it lies dead. No dragging/gutting it first.
  4. Just make sure you sit. After the rain stops, the bucks will walk around and refresh the scrapes and rubs. I got one the other year only 20 yards from my truck (actually between my truck and I - so I had to make sure I did not have a pass-through). As soon as the drizzle stopped, it was walking its trails and making sure his territory is marked. I have been told to bring an umbrella and a bungee. Works well for annoying drops.
  5. I think there is too much emphasis on large bucks. I am happy just to see a deer from the stand. How many people have taken a doe? From the looks of the board, we are off to a slow start (or else everyone is too busy hunting).
  6. SartellMN

    Wild Within

    He said it was illegal to shoot a cow so that is why he did not shoot. So he had a bull tag only.
  7. I have about 2 miles of trail (I found a land bridge between swampy areas I need to begin using). I am less worried about the work, but am more worried about the small stumps sticking up. It seems like the stuff i have used a brush cutter in the past did not really chop up or decompose well. FYI, I use an electric pole trimmer saw and small generator for most trail cleaning. It is great for trimming everything, except the stumps. But again, 2 miles is a lot of trail.
  8. The gamey taste for me is all about moisture. If you take 93% lean ground beef and make it into a burger, it does not taste all that good either. The reason people like venison "sausage" is the sausage retains moisture and some of the fat from the pork most people add. Sausage makers add ice and water to make sausage more juicy and palatable. My wife is not taken with venison mainly because she only likes meat well done. But wrap a piece of venison in bacon, secure with a toothpick, and no one cares.
  9. I found some new ways around my hunting land that do not involve soggy wetlands and getting stuck. I want to make some trails for my 4 wheeler. Anyone have any ideas about how to most efficiently do that? I can clear the path with a chainsaw, but that seems like a lot of work and it leaves stumps that make the brush mower unusable. A bobcat and brush cutter leaves a huge mess. Anyone else have a good method?
  10. This year we decided to only shoot does and large bucks (8+ points). We meat hunt, but also we need to control the population on the land. Typically we have between 30-50 deer over winter on my property (220 acres). That is a lot of animals living off a small chunk of land. One hard winter and we will have a lot of dead deer. That being said, we shot a 6 point that was misidentified as an 8, as well as a fawn buck that was the size of a good sized doe. No regrets and lots of meat. Trophy deer look good, but they taste like cr*p, and other than looks and bragging rights, are no better than a 6 or 8 point. I would love to have a photo of me on the wall with a 12 point, 170" buck, but that is by no means the goal of hunting for me.
  11. I love reading stuff like this. Good job!
  12. The biggest thing you taught your son is it is not worth fighting over this kind of thing. Emotions and guns do not mix well.
  13. I have never seen a CO knock on a door and ask to look in a freezer. If they are at your door, then they already have a search warrant (which is absurdly easy to get) and don't need your permission.
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