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  1. Scoot is right, there are many ways to get lymes, not just insects. Its been linked to intercourse with a partner that does have lymes, milk, venison. Regular doctors will say what no way but talk to a lymes literate doctor, a doc specializing in infectious bites and there are numerous things. Main thing is if you get symptoms get the antibiotics going. Dont just go on them because you get a bite. I live in tick city and have had more ticks on me than I even care to talk about and yes some that dug in for a few days. Ive never been on anti biotics yet. Maybe that explains my twitches
  2. Well first off you would probably need a permit but I would think 1000.00 should take care of it
  3. Our new pup, well shes not new, year and a half now but she is turning out to be a special little bugger. Hunted like a maniac last fall. Wife just got her jh and on to seniors with her. My wife has done all the training, and she has done well. Hoping she can make it to masters, she has the drive. We call her the pocket rocket.
  4. Brutal! just another typical mn team throwing away a great season. Wonder why I watch or care anymore
  5. Great game to be at! yes we dominated that game! we need to bury the puck, it should have been a 5-1 game
  6. Stoked! will be at the game tonight, nice having friends in high places. I agree we do have the d but a couple need to get theyre game back. Dumba has been playing a little better which is a step in the right direction. I like haula on grannys line. Its now time to prove us all wrong and go out and take it
  7. Im excited no one scares me in the west cept chicago,. We could go deep if we good d. Duby keeps the goals to two a game and we are in business
  8. Surprised they sent stalock back down, I guess he will get playing time down there and be ready for playoffs I hope. From what ive seen much prefer him to back up dubs.
  9. I loved BBs post game the other nite after the canucks game, he nailed it. Guys got to step it up and play, outside of granny and staal, the rest look like they just started playing. Lack luster for sure. Im still hoping they come out and play like I know they are capable of but not looking good
  10. I hope your right, I was so dang mad last nite losing to the canes. Someone please tell prosser to grow a pair
  11. You can blame the stupid penalties but you also have to put alot of these games on dubs, I mean i like the guy but jeez sometimes you got to become a wall especially this time of year, not seeing it from him. Look at the hawks game he wasnt tracking Kane at all and he blew that right by dubs. Come on Dubby !!!!! we need ya
  12. terrible tending! wont last long if they get it together
  13. My wifes first bowkill, second year hunting. Was a great day back in nov. She was in stand for five mins and texted me she shot a buck. I asked her about the hit and she told me she thought she hit good but the buck ran into a tree and the arrow came out. The buck walked off staggering, I was nervous she didnt have much penetration so I asked her to climb down and look at the arrow. She said she had about 12 inches of the rear shaft with blood. I told her to stay in the stand for two hours and I would make my way. In that time she texted me four other times about other bucks coming by. I finally made my way and we traked the buck sixty yards to find her buck, I have never seen her so excited, still shaking. To me that was better than all the bucks I have ever taken. It was a great hit through the vitals and smaked the other shoulder. Thunderheads did the job again. Cant wait for fall!!
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