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HE WON!!!!!

Eric Wettschreck

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Unanimous selection too. Great year by Johan and probably one of the best second half streaks we will ever see. I just hope we can hold on to the guy for a long time. He is almost a guaranteed win when he starts.


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I was very happy to see that he won. In fact I called my wife during the day Thursday and had her go online to see the results. She thinks I'm crazy when I have her look stuff like that up during work.

Your right, he might be tough to keep when the contract is up, that is unless we get a stadium built here pretty quick! Then maybe we can afford the big bat that we are missing and win the whole darn thing again.

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Is'nt that kinda how the Twins have worked since the Calvin G. era, find a player, sign him for peanuts, develope the talent to a high level, trade him and make a bundle in $$$ and new talent? Something like that?

The management seems to know what they are doing, because they field a good team just about every year and a couple of times, those teams have been good enough to win the whole enchilada!

There have been a few that have slipped through their fingers, Ortiz recently, but steady Eddie turned out to be not so steady!

How did the hawk do and afew of the other players that got sent packing, players that were a hit with the fans and were okay players, i.e. Coomer, kelty, Etc., etc.

Ironically, Doug M. was traded in a weird kind of trade where one night he is playing for us, walks across the field and the next night is on the oppositions team and in the process has a world series ring!

He is no better player there then he was here, a dynomite first baseman that can't hit!

If the Twins can't afford Santanas asking price in the future, you can bet they will get something positive for the team out of the deal, they don't get caught by surprise, they know how it works.

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