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  1. Page 26 of Minnesota Fishing Regulations clearly states for walleye and sauger possession limit is 6(Not more than 1 walleye over 20" in possession.) Also it doesnt say anything about peoples opinions. What you think or do is up to you and if someone else has different beliefs so be it.
  2. Lou Nanne stated that when he was in Miami last week he heard that they will do anything to get him there.
  3. I have a white(ivory) lab and we still seem to get the ducks into the decoys. Dont have a vest, but planning on getting one for her, but more for protection than covering her up.
  4. Sled, arnt you the one that came up with [PoorWordUsage] [PoorWordUsage] crain?
  5. league is full. as of right now tuesday is leading in the votes for the draft.
  6. Guru there is 1 spot left I will hold it for you.
  7. yep there are 3 spots left. there is an autodraft option if you cant make it
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