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Help from ice fishermen!


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Hey there, hows it going everyone.

This might seem like an odd request, but I am an animation student and and a lover of fishing. Ive been doing it all my life. I am trying to come up with an idea for a nice short animation (a minute 30 seconds to two minutes 30 seconds in length) about ice fishing. Ya dont see many of them out there, and I think it would be a good thing for me to do for my sr. thesis project.

SO i guess what im looking for is any fun ideas that have to do with ice fishing. Something with different characters, a nice little story arc, a twist, a climax... all the things a nice story have, and I'm just digging for ideas.

so if you havae any fun ice fishing stories or ideas you think would look good come to life as an animation, let me know in here or through my e-mail

[email protected]

any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance you guys!

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here are some ideas.

The overall goal here is to create a minute and a half to two and a half minutes worth of animation for a demo reel. something ill use to get hired somewhere down the road.

Here are two ideas i have been tooling around with.

Idea 1:

A guy is heading out to fish. he gets everything set and starts to drill his hole. he gets all the way through but it isnt enough. he puts on an extension and keeps drilling away. Once again, he gets down to the handle and has to put on another extension. Frustrated he drills like mad. once again, down to the handle. He backs off and starts flipping out, jumping up and down, screaming and then falls through the ice. As he floats down we see some cartoony fish holding up the sheets of ice the man has been drilling through.

This one would be around 30 seconds, a little short but a fun idea

Idea 2:

This one is a little longer. Kind of hard to get my idea writen down and i am having trouble with the end.

This one is with an older guy and a younger guy going ice fishing. the younger one is kinda' a yuppie and has all sorts of new techno goodies. It is a bunch of paralell edits of how the two prep up to fish. young guy pulls a cord and an new icehouse unfolds out of a box kindof like a life raft on a plane. the old guy pulls up his sled. the old guy starts drilling a hole with an auger, the young one sets up a super lazer deal to cut through. the old one sits down on a bucket, the young one plops down on a recliner in the house. the old one baits his hook, the young one grabs a beer and flips on the TV. stuff like that. back and forth.

Having a hard time on where to go with it though. I love the concept of the two fishermen doing the same thing different ways, but i need to raise the stakes. make it more compeling. have a clear climax and resolution with a twist.

Some thoughts would be to have an ice fishing competition going on so they are competing for something and end up having to work together, or the old guy just schools the younger one even though he has all the new gadgets.

any turns on where to go with this one would be great!

concept 3: another short one.

Working at gander i get to see all the goodies that come in, the good ones and the bad. this one would be a guy dumping down into the drink one of the new aqua view cameras that are supposed to look like fish and having the fish under the water mock him and laugh and say things like "what do you take us for?!?!" then have a big ol muski rush by and smack it like a spearing decoy. also very short.

Once again, thanks for the help

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I have an Idea for #2. The old guy, having years of experience, is hammering the walleyes or crappies but not letting on to his success other than a peak over the shoulder at the younger guy and an occasional snicker. The younger guy with all his fancy technology is also doing well but only catching the small ones. The next scene is the old guy filleting, frying, and eating his bounty. The young guy warming up the oven and opening up a box of fish sticks.

O.k. I'll admit it the above story is actually the story of my fishing success and I'm usually the one eating the fish sticks!!

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What about doing a little battle between the fish and the fisherman from the fish's perspective? You could do a lot with what the fish goes through to shake the fisherman, only to stick his head out the hole and spit the hook at the fisherman. I would be pretty impressed with a good animation of a fish since their movements tend to be so fluid and smooth compared to people, at least when I am flopping around out on the ice.

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I like the afor mentioned idea but with the twist from Blue collar Comedy Tour. Show it from a fishes experieces like it is an out of body experience, being drawn to the light, and once you have entered the light, you see all of you relatives there before you in a bucket....I am sure you would need some permission from Jeff Fox Worthy, but it would be pretty good........

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Similar to what Dan said,

If you can include music.....To the theme of dueling banjos (or whatever that song is). 2 grumpy dudes competing in the same house - A fish swims up and tugs down the one line then lets go, then swim over and tugs the other guys line. Then back over to the other guy and tugs a little harder for an extended period, then to the other guy, ect. Fish ends up hooking the lines together and they are going through a comical tug of war. Both guys have there backs to each other in the process. You figure out how it should end!! This goes to the theme of the banjo song. Make sense?

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I'd say combine the two ideas. Show it from a fish's perspective, but with the fish tying the lines together, then tugging on the line to get the guys tugging at each other, maybe one pulls the other all the way through both holes?


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Hmmmm... here might be one... Guy takes his little boy out fishing for the first time, but doesnt really let the little man do much as he gets too into things, the guy starts ripping fish left and right, handing them to his son to put in the bucket, but the kid just grabs the fish and turns around to put them back in a different hole in the ice, film ends with dad picking up the bucket and looking big-eyed at the camera as his smile melts in to a frown with the little boy in the backround snickering.

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ok, one more....

You see a guy park his car on a busy landing, loads up his gear.. walks and walks and walks to be miles away from the crowd... drills his hole, sets up... waits.. waits.. finally pulls up a fish.... then in a blurr of activity all around him, when the picture comes back in focus, there are 50 other fisherpersons set up all around him.

Tell me that hasnt happened to nearly everyone on this board.

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Well, it needs to go somewhere from here but......... Seeing how the climate in our country is somewhat charged politically. Show someone fishing, the fish are not biting, you get to see under the ice and the fish are divided (blue fish look donkey like, and red fish look elephant like) They are too busy being divided to notice the worm on the hook who keeps sending signals or fuels the anger for both sides. You could have a few independant fish swim through who resemble Jesse, Ralph and Perot. Fisherman puts down blue worm to get blue fish, and red for red................................?????????? Your teacher hates one party right now more than likley, it will polarize those who watch it, and make fun of the current times. Just a thought

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you could always do an animated version of my favorite ice fishing joke grin.gif the one about the blonde fisherwoman who goes out on the ice and sets up all her gear and is just about to drill a hole when a booming voice comes from above saying"there are no fish under the ice"- she moves to another spot and again, a voice from above-"there are no fish under the ice" this happens 2 more times and she says looking upward, is that you God? and the voice booms out- "no this is the ice rink manager"

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Hmm, the father and child idea got me thinkin.

A father and a son are going out ice fishing. The dad is pulling a sled and the child is doddeling behind him. The dad stops to drill a hole. As he does, he describes to the kid what he is doing, but the kid seems more interested in playin in the snow.

THe father drills a hole for the boy and they both sit down. he goes over how to bait a hook and get everything nice and ready. back and forth of how he gets everything set just right. the kid doesnt seem to be paying attention. after a moment of sitting there the dad hooks a small small small fish and brings it up.

"see son, thats how you ice fish" the kid looks up at him then cranks around and starts fishing. after a few seconds the kid pulls one out.

"dad, i got one!"


"its bigger than yours!"

"why... yes... yes it is" the dad smiles and nervously laughs. he brings over a bucket

"its a keeper alright"

he puts the fish in the bucket. they keep fishing.

the son soon pulls out a bigger one, then a bigger one yet, the father, unable to catch anything grows more and more impatiant at the situation. he breaks out the auger and drills another hole. the son catches another one. the dad still has nothing.

a quick montage of the dad drilling hole after hole and not catching anything while the son just catches one after another. finally the dad rushes over to the boys hole

"here son" he picks up the boy and moves him to his original hole "try this one!"

snickering, the dad nabbs the boys spot and drops his line down the hole. jiggs for a second and gets a fish, a little bigger than his last.

Proud, almost a relaxed cheer the dad turns around to show off his catch to his boy who is standing next to him with a gigantic fish he got through his dad's original hole. THe kid is just glowing. the dad kinda twitches a little bit then, in frustration kicks the bucket of fish, which tips into one of the holes.

The kid's eyes swell up and he gets the whole puppy dog look and starts to cry. The dad sighs and looks down.


the door to the house bursts open, the boy runs inside, happy as can be. offscreen you hear a woman "hey boys, how was fishing"

the father drags his feet in

"I got a new bike!"

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