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Long Live the Beat, my bloodbrothers. I have once again gathered you around the Cyber Campfire to tell the tails and tactics of deer hunting. This time I will be discussing and asking for imput on calling. I like to use my calls, but do not yet know if I have really harnessed the spirit of the wild with these calls.

Grunts - Sometimes I use them blindly and usually I use them to bring deer closer that I can see. When I use them blindly I always start out softly, so as not to scare a deer that is close to me. I usally grunt long and then two short grunts. I then wait for about 3 minutes do it again. Before I do another series of grunts though, I ususally wait about 20-30 minutes. I also experiment with a tending grund (series of short grunts) and a standing grunt (Almost like a clicking sound). These seem to work pretty well I think, but who knows.

Bleating - This is a subject I am not well versed in and could really use some help. I do use "The Can" call and my true talker to immitate doe bleats but I don't know how often to do them. I try to do them a few times then be quiet for 20-30 minutes. This seems to bring marginal results, but I often wonder if I refined my techniques that would yeild better results.

Rattling - I either use a rattle bag, natural antlers (small) or synthetic antlers for this. Which one is better??? I usually take the bag if I am traveling light, I use the small real antlers for short range calling and more of a sparring sound, and I use the big synthatic antlers when I want my fight to sound fierce and reach far away. I usually bang them together and twist so the tines knock off each other. I dont' tend to grind them very much at all, focousing on the crashing tines more. I'll also stomp my feet, rake trees and make noise when I do this to really simulate the fight. Along with that I will grunt and use my snort-weeze call to add to the realism. I have rattled in a few deer, but still have many questions. Fist, what times of year work best and when dosen't it?? Second, how long should I go on for? I usually do 2 times for about 30 seconds to 2 minutes each. And what exactally does the snort weeze do for me and how do I use it??

Well bloodbrothers, I am glad we are keeping the spirit of the wild alive and well in America, keep living the dream!


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