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M18 Wont Cut 8" Hole

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1 hour ago, bobbymalone said:

Where did you buy it?  


It was done automatically when I ordered online, but you can fill out a form at Milwaukee's HSOforum.


Fleet Supply/True Value in Little Falls.  I’m still more of a face to face shopper than buying on-line.  I’ll check their HSOforum and see what I can find out.



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Don'y know if you know about this RIDGID online promo but deal I got deal for 169.00 + tax is awesome ,I got the 9Ah Hyper Octane battery & charger as part of the online promotion that's going on right now.  If you order the Battery & charger you can also get free a cordless tool to go with it at no charge, I picked the RIDGID R8611506 1300 in lbs 2 speed drill. Anyway I registered all the items yesterday and just got the email confirmation that all 3 items are now covered under the lifetime service agreement so when the battery needs to be replaced or if the drill or charger need service...  NO CHARGE!!  So guys, if your thinking it might be time to get a new drill battery & charger plus the lifetime replacement warranty now might be the time to do it! I believe this offer end 1/22/19

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All I gotta say is I got to use my rig today (6 inch Nils drill) and am extremely impressed.  Never blasted holes through the ice faster.  It worked great for fine tuning where to set our house on bigger structure.

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Well it had to happen the great deal on the 9Ah RIDGID battery & charger & free drill offer is no longer 169.00 its now 199.00. Hope some of you were able to take advantage of the deal before the price went up.

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I should have posted some pics of the drill, charger & auger set up, nice thing is everything is new total cost under 250.00

Ice drill set up 003.JPG

Ice drill set up 002.JPG


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You look set! @Sportdog7


 I’d guess the 9Ah battery would be nice in the way that you’d only have to really worry about having 1 battery with while carrying a sharp 6 inch auger.  I’d be nice to know how long one can run on an 8 inch.


I just got back from Devils Lake.  I ran my 6 inch Nils pretty much the whole time.  Ice thickness was 18-20 inches and I never hesitated to drill more holes in the search of fish.  Never sat on anything too long either; I bare iced it the whole time.


It took the whole day to run down one 5Ah Milwaukee battery.  On the last spot each day I changed the battery for fishing the last thing I fine tuned.  Maybe 4-6 holes at most.


I’m sold.  And even considering letting the Ion go and getting an 8 inch Nils bit.  Not quite there yet but mulling it over.

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    • Check your throttle position sensor voltage. KOEO you should see .8 to 1.0 volts with the throttle closed.  
    • Spring officially arrived March 20 with the vernal equinox and temperatures leading into it were very spring like, bringing a close to much of the outdoor winter recreation across the state. Snowmobile trails now remain open in only a handful of northern counties on the Wisconsin Department of Tourism's Snow Conditions Report (exit DNR) and more are expected to close with warm weather this week. Many state parks and forests have discontinued ski trail grooming, so even if a spring snowstorm arrives most trails will not be groomed. Most mountain bike and horse trails are closed and will remain closed until they dry out. There is still up to 2 feet or more of snow in some northern counties, making it a great time to get out and explore on snowshoes, which are a must for trekking out in the woods.Flood waters were rampant last week in some areas of southern Wisconsin but many went down over the weekend. As of March 20, the Trempealeau River had dropped to minor flood stage and the Crawfish, Rock, Fox and Manitowoc rivers were expected to remain in moderate flood stage through next week. .
    • Just buy whatever truck you want and get started adding after market accessories, probably cheaper than buying all that stuff standard on a niche truck that will likely be really over priced due to it being a specialty item.  Most of that list could probably be doable fairly easily.  Personally I don't think half of that list is kind of pointless though.  If your non-camo truck with reflective chrome bumpers is giving you away to the animals you might want to get a bit further away from your truck when you're hunting.  If you're really struggling with loose ammo rolling all around the floor of your truck try leaving it in the box when its not in your gun. Key less entry might be nice but if you lose your key in the woods it will just give you a place to sit while you wait for someone to give you a ride home. Can't you already turn your lights/high beams off when your truck is running?
    • Most of that would be do-able by a small outfit (not 4 wheel steering).   Business opportunity for someone
    • Also got my bonus tag. Both tags bought and ready to rock in a couple months.  
    • Just scored my Zone 4 bonus tag.  Quick and easy.
    • Haven’t spotted any yet myself but I know it won’t be long before that changes. But I could use a ride on the moped! Gotta wait yet till the sweepers clear all the sand on the roads first. 
    • Saw a Red crotchrocket day before the last big storm. 🤪
    • saw the first bike Tuesday afternoon go by the house....  39* no way for me............  and it was a HD....
    • I do have FIXD and that is where I got the code from.  I have cleared one code in the past, but this one came back. It is a 2001.
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