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  1. Thanks guys. I just went and looked at my drill. It is not the fuel. Looks like a trip to Home Depot is in my future for an upgrade to the fuel. Merry Christmas all
  2. My m18 brushless and clam plate with 8" laser hand auger bit will only cut about 1 and 1/2 holes through 12 inches of ice then it stops and I have to wait a bit beflre it will drill again. Then it stops againmmany times. Anyone else hve the same issues? I also tried a new 8" Mora with not much better results.
  3. I already have the drill but am wondering what else I need to attach my 8" lazer hand auger. Clam plate? Adapters? Any info (p/n, price, where to buy) is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Does anyone have a water driven backup sump pump? They look like the cats meow if you live in town. Or does code even allow them? If they are not allowed what is the best battery backup ones?
  5. Figured it out. Took the door panel off to do some investigating and saw that the connection had come apart??? Had some body work done couple months ago so I dont know if they didnt connect it tight or what. Thanks again guys
  6. Thanks Jeremy! Do I need to take the door panel off to get to the switch out or does it pop off without removing the whole panel?
  7. The last time I had electrical issues it was the smart junction box. Little bit different symptoms this time though.
  8. The power windows wont work all doors. The power lock button drivers door only not working. Lock button works passenger doors, fobs work, key pad works. Do you think its the master switch pad on the drivers door or a bad or broken wire?
  9. What is the best diy garage floor coating. Looking to do this myself pretty soon and would like to hear the good and the bad from your experiences.
  10. I do agree richj, it is frustrating trying to figure electronic issues. I know very little about it so I will be taking it somewhere. I just hope it doesnt get too expensive. Was able to get the remote start removed and refunded today.
  11. Thanks for all the" relevant" responses. I will keep updating as I figure it all out.
  12. I am having the remote start sysrem removed on Wednesday. After that I need to get it hooked up to a scanner. Is this something that I need to have done at a dealership or can it be done somewhere else cheaper?
  13. Just went out and checked it. The low tire symbol blinks for a while then goes out. Thanks, Andy
  14. The low tire symbol goes away after a little bit, but the words "tire monitor fault" remain. If I press set to clear it just comes back the next time the vehicle is started.
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