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  1. Well I’ve been looking the last month for a pop up that me and my brother could fish out of, I looked at many different brands I found a new ESKIMO Quickfish 3 on HSOList about a week ago reduced to 170.99 and I was really thinking of buying it. Well today when I got home I had a email from HSOList that the seller had 4 left and they lowered the price 59.00! I didn’t hesitate went to HSOList and bought it. My total inc. tax 118.15, I’m sure glad I waited to look at several models. I had no idea the price would fall so quick or so low, this pop up will have more than enough room for me & my brother. Just had to share the good news and thank you all for the advice it gave me the insight to decide what would relly work for me.
  2. Guys thanks for your advice I stopped in at Sheels today and they recommended whatever portable I buy I'd be better served buying one that's insulated they showed the Frabill Bunker fully insulated 250 hub normally 299.99 on sale for 199.99 dimensions 80 X 80 and 80 tall with 2 doors. The Shappell 6500 fully insulated Wide House is on sale for 296.99 its 90 X 90 by 80 tall also with 2 doors. So there it is 2 portable shanties one 100.00 cheaper and a bit smaller any thoughts on which one would you would own. I think both companies offer a well made product. but I'm new at this... HELP!!
  3. Been looking for a portable ice house both pop up and flip styles and after a lot of thought I think a pop up might be my best option. In particular I like the Shappell 6500 its very roomy interior dimensions 90" X 90" and 70" tall they claim its big enough for 4 seeing its just me & my brother it should allow us plenty of room. Prices I've seen the price range from 220.00 to 265.00 both in stores & online. I'd like to hear opinions on what the community here thinks of the Wide House good & bad or any other shelter that fishes 3 or 4 people. And as long as were at it, should I buy now in mid season or wait till they go on clearance in late Feb. or early March? Thanks!!
  4. I should have posted some pics of the drill, charger & auger set up, nice thing is everything is new total cost under 250.00
  5. Well it had to happen the great deal on the 9Ah RIDGID battery & charger & free drill offer is no longer 169.00 its now 199.00. Hope some of you were able to take advantage of the deal before the price went up.
  6. Don'y know if you know about this RIDGID online promo but deal I got deal for 169.00 + tax is awesome ,I got the 9Ah Hyper Octane battery & charger as part of the online promotion that's going on right now. If you order the Battery & charger you can also get free a cordless tool to go with it at no charge, I picked the RIDGID R8611506 1300 in lbs 2 speed drill. Anyway I registered all the items yesterday and just got the email confirmation that all 3 items are now covered under the lifetime service agreement so when the battery needs to be replaced or if the drill or charger need service... NO CHARGE!! So guys, if your thinking it might be time to get a new drill battery & charger plus the lifetime replacement warranty now might be the time to do it! I believe this offer end 1/22/19
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