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Moon Lake Refuge

Block foundation for cabin

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Hey All, calling a couple contractors also just wanted to see if there were other options so I'm not spending to much.  The folks are rebuilding their cabin.  I was looking into a lot near by and possibly just moving the cabin as it would be free to me plus the 10k moving.  Question is, does it need to be set on footings or will a few courses of block be enough per code.  No basement but it needs to be high enough for a crawl space for winterizing.  Right now its on 2 courses on the high side and about 6-7 on the low side.  we have just gotten used to shimming every couple years and that doesn't bother me to much.  Reason I'm hesitant to dump a ton of money into 4 foot deep footings is I just dont know how long I would keep it before possible rebuilding myself.  Also if anyone has done anything similar what was your cost for footings/ block?  Cabin is about 25x30


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You will need to find out what your local building code calls for. 

You are probably familiar with most detached garages having their foundation consist of merely thickened footings but then they have a slab floor. You could do the same thing with your cabin and do a cement slab with a few courses of block. 

It probably wouldn't be terribly expensive to rent a trencher run a perimeter trencher,and pour it full of concrete for the foundation. 

Depending on whether you would do a 6 or 8 inch trench you are talking 8-10 yards of concrete at maybe $100/yard so $800-1000. Not sure if that fits your budget.

You could also trench the foundation, level a footing out of pea rock and build the foundation out of treated 1*6 or 1x8, sheet it with treated plywood and put a heavy poly on the dirt side. That might possibly be cheaper. We built a few houses years back with wood foundations. 

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Many cabins on Vermilion are on poured concrete perimeters with foam insulation to keep the frost away, goes out away from the foundation.  Blocks on top of the poured rim.   

A call to a contractor or to the county permit folks ought to clear it up.   Getting below the frost line is more than 4 feet in the north.  

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