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Led lights on atv

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I'm going to add some extra lighting to my wheeler.  Looking for ideas from others who have them.  Adding them for better vision on the ice at night.  Want to add one on the rear also for packing up in the dark.

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I should have been more specific.  Want to add LEDs like a light bar or individual ones that i can move and point in other directions.  Not going to change headlight or tailight bulbs

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Will see if my FB photos will post. I added a 12" bar to front of my foreman last year. Where the winch would go. Fit great! I got it at amaz. along with a harness with lighted switch, two relays and two leads. One I used for the light bar and the other for heated grips.


I thought I posted some pics here, but I guess maybe not. Here are a couple links showing pics, but they are not great.


I think having it higher might help, but it really does help quite a bit - I put it in the winch slot because I don't have/need a winch and I wanted the light protected from "bumps" ;) . the bar I got had both flood and spot type lights in it, but doing it over I would try to get more spot light type aim. I also got another harness and two smaller square lights for the back of my rack, like you want to do, but I have not added them yet. 


The harness/relays were easy to install and connect, hardest part was routing it through the plastic and tight spaces on chassis. Be careful if doing it in the cold, I did it in the summer/fall. If I recall I used waterproof connectors so I can fairly easily swap out the light bar for a winch should I need to, and just use the same harness (50 or 60 amp relay I think, or maybe more...). I mounted a steel angle iron to the light mounts and then used U bolts to mount the angle to the bike frame. Worked great and solid and looks like stock. Each relay is connected to the battery, so it can get tight in that area as well. Just need to get creative on how to route things.


In order for my grips to be ON I need to have the light bar on, since I used the same switch, but that is good because I want to be sure I turn the grips off when bike is off so batt doesn't drain. The switch is lighted too, so if I forget I really am dumb ;)


edit oh yeah, this is my Pack Mule, ha! or Sanford and Son atv ;) I jsut added that front box in front of my auger, and the rear rack hold two otter cases and that highest frame folds down to hold an open otter case to get rods out easier without bending over. One side hold three rods for short travel and the other holds a chisel, big dipper and hook-out/jawspreader for easy access! I take it off in the summer. Too much junk I spose, but it sure is handy, as I can take everything and get at each item without moving anything to get at it :) and room for a cooler, of course! ha!






Here is before photo,,,



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Looks good box!  Thanks for the info. The site where i am looking at lights has a harness like you described.  Should make things easier.

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