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  1. slammer

    Lake Winnipeg Lower Basin And Red River Is Now Mapped.

    Any plans to have Lake winnipeg maps for us H'bird guys?
  2. I bought the Ice helix 7 last year and love it. Been using a FL8 since they first came out. Cant remember when that was. I wanted a map and flasher/graph in one unit and this was it. Already had the map cards so worked out good.
  3. slammer

    2nd Smitty Sled Build

    Nice work. Im guessing that thing glides pretty easy.
  4. slammer

    New Merc kicker motors

    Not sure about the heads or motor design. They have the info on their page. Ordered one Friday. We'll see how long it takes to get. Not expecting it b/4 the MN opener although it would be nice to get sooner.
  5. slammer

    Spring... or... ?????

    OMG! What year is that Red lake video from? They should have brought the boat!
  6. slammer

    New Merc kicker motors

    Yes they used to. These new 4/stk's are built in FonDuLac Wisc. Talked to salesman today. Maybe see one the end of April.
  7. slammer

    New Merc kicker motors

    Merc came out with a new fuel injected 15 hp pro kicker. Its debut was last November and dealers still don't have prices or info on them. Whats up with that? Ive been looking for one but no one has anything. People want to buy their product and it not available. Don't get it.
  8. slammer

    Locking your fish house?

    Especially if they are on a snowmobile. One trick i found that they use is if its windy, they fly up to you into the wind so you can't hear them as good.
  9. slammer

    Snow cone on the roof vent

    Your probably gonna have to get up there and open it up otherwise your gonna have sewer gas backup in your home. Not good. A lot of people in my area use a section of copper pipe and solder a piece crossways on one end. 1" pipe seems to work best. You then have a piece that looks like a "T". Drop it down the vent tube and it helps to keep the vent open. The theory behind it is that the warmer air down in the vent pipe will radiate to the top to help thaw the frost. Its not going to keep it open 100% of the time but it does work better than nothing. Ive also see people paint the vent black to absorb sunlight but no idea if it works. Might want to address the issue soon. Sewer gas can be deadly.
  10. slammer

    Otter pivot hitch on a clam sled

    After a closer look, you might be able to rig up some kind of bracket to make it work. I couldn't imagine it would bolt right on being two different products.
  11. slammer

    Otter pivot hitch on a clam sled

    I could be wrong but I would say no. It looks like the Otter sled is molded for the pipes to snap into and out of place.
  12. slammer

    Vex, Marcum or Humminbird.

    I picked up the Helix Ice 7 also and used it this morning for the first time. I like the display on the side that shows the coverage of the ducer cone. The mapping is the biggest reason I bought it. Need to get used to the flasher a bit but was very pleased with how it worked. I had a camera down so I could see when fish were around and the sonar and flasher picked them up great. I started with a fully charged battery and ran roughly 4 hours and used 36% of power. I did have sonar and flasher on most of the time using a 12Ah Duracell battery. Gonna bring the old FL8 with next time to see how interference is between them.
  13. slammer

    Polaris is shutting down Victory motorcycles?

    Thats what they are doing. Vic sales just never took off like they hoped. Indians are better market competition to harleys and more profitable. They are also far superior in quality than the Victorys. I traded my Vegas and Goldwing for these two and couldn't be happier.
  14. slammer

    Wheel House Build Renovation

    If mine, I would add those drop down bunks and some pedestal boat seats. With a smaller house like that I would want as much open area as possible. I think those big couch/sofas take too much room. You can always drop the bunk and take a snooze without taking up floor fishing space. Just some thoughts.......
  15. slammer

    New wheel house brand to check out - Legend

    Are the houses built on an order basis only? How long did your build take from order to delivery?