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  1. knoppers


    I have a netgear router R6350, I had to get to handle my high speed internet. I did a filmware update, and it shut me down, nothing worked, no internet, no wi-fi. I had to find the old router to get back on-line. what gives, anyone have these? I tried to get on-line support, but nothing, its only 4 months old, and there update killed it. I will never buy a netgear ever again. I will go to spectrum and get there's and pay the 5 bucks a month. I even did a master reset on the unit, and still nothing. just a blinking green power light after all things I tried.
  2. knoppers

    Got My Sled Ready For The 18/19 Riding Season

    well they say you don't ride yamaha's, you drive them, fits here. trails were groomed and ridable in the aitkin area, not much for base, but not bad. with the warm weather, they started to get beat up and loose. good news is 4-6 inches predicted sunday night, hopefully that gets groomed in, and the trails could be much better.
  3. knoppers

    Wild 18/19

    time to rebuild, trade for other under achieving players might be the only option. we already can see how good our draft picks are.
  4. knoppers

    Got My Sled Ready For The 18/19 Riding Season

    here we go! lets ride.
  5. knoppers

    Wild 18/19

    lost the recipe
  6. knoppers

    Wild 18/19

    need to win on home ice, no matter how good they are. seems as though we lost our home ice advantage, looks like we may be getting the home cooking working again.
  7. congrats on the 10 years. I got curious how long I have been here, I hit 16 years last month, I can't believe its been that long.
  8. knoppers

    Wild 18/19

    seems as though the wild get all the bad breaks now, 3 goals against, one off a players glove, and two off seeler and we lose a game against a good Toronto team that we out played.
  9. knoppers

    Got My Sled Ready For The 18/19 Riding Season

    yes I did put on the doolys, 6 inchers. hopefully they last longer since there is twice as much. the 2018 still had the factory bars on it. they lasted much longer than normal, they had a dooly of sorts on it, only one side with carbide, and a sort piece of hard bar on the other. But I still liked how they handled over a single bar. I bet these new bars carve it up plenty good.
  10. knoppers

    Got My Sled Ready For The 18/19 Riding Season

    139 bucks for the new carbides I put on today, OUCH! it better snow this year.
  11. knoppers

    Wild 18/19

    very big win tonight against the jets, down 2-0 pull out the win with a great 3rd period.
  12. knoppers

    2018 Pheasant Report

    I have been wanting to get out, but the area's I hunt, most of the corn is still not harvested. mostly central mn.
  13. knoppers

    Wild 18/19

    great bounce back last night, without parise in the lineup.
  14. knoppers

    Got My Sled Ready For The 18/19 Riding Season

    well I waited, but finally got the sled running and ready. just waiting on old man winter now.
  15. knoppers

    Lower Unit Oil

    I have been using it in other things the chain saw spins extra fast with that oil.