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  1. thanks for the reply's, I know heat is the battery's worst condition, and cold is better. I think I will leave the battery's in the boat, and plug the on-board charger in every now and then. I have been removing the battery's for years, and placing them in my basement, which has worked well. I do keep the starting battery in the boat since its very difficult to remove, but putting a battery tender on it all winter.
  2. OK I will bite, do you leave your on board charger running through winter? I have a minnkota on board charger and was thinking of leaving it plugged in through winter. does it charge to hard? or does it work like a battery tender.
  3. they can't get more than 3 hits against bad pitching, they will never win those games.
  4. what? no one riding. come on, some of you must still be out riding, lets here about it. my co-worker rode last weekend in IF and said it was great. he his riding again saturady on the north shore, and the reports I have seen look good for riding. what else can we do now? I was thinking about pulling my sled out again for something to do.
  5. well my season ended today, rode my lake for 20 miles on friday to get the stabil run through the system, then hit the car wash today to get the road salt off from trailering all winter, and its put in the back of the garage till next year. it was another good year of riding, can't complain. now its time to get the wheeler out.
  6. I did a quick 2 hour ride today, still got 73 miles on, some of the areas like ditches and lakes I was running hot and this was in aitkin county. they need some fresh snow as everything has gotten hard, the trails were fine, as the groomers have it busted up with plenty of loose snow for lube. I overheated riding across my lake, I have a 137 inch track, so it needs more powder. once I hit the shoreline area, I found plenty of powder to cool things down.
  7. same as walleyehooker said, new slides hold up better if they are annealed first, so getting them hot, then cold is best. once they get hot, there will be drag, like a brake is on.
  8. I will change them every 1000 miles or less, depending on snow conditions. I have only 1000 miles on my current sled, but the last two years with great snow conditions it will be fine for the year. I will replace them for sure before next year.
  9. I always spray WD-40 inside the grooves before installing. I will clamp a old vise grips onto the slide after it is outside the small window, then hit that with a mallet, and they seem to pull off good.
  10. I was out riding Friday from my place in palisade rode north to hill city. lots of snow, and great trails. it was waist deep, lakes are now good for travel.
  11. they did groom the trails on Thursday here, so with the 4 inches on top it should be OK. I will wait for next Friday, and head up to palisade to ride. looks like they got about 8 inches of new snow.
  12. well again the weather service earns there pay, snow storm that shuts the state down, never happened. predicted 12+ inches here in big lake turned into 3-4 inches. why is it they are never wrong about very cold weather?
  13. well two of are starters are out to start, pineda is out till mid may for the 60 game suspension, and hill is out till june with a injury, surgery in October. yes both baily and hill are cheap, so that hopefully frees up money to sign someone better, or like a Donaldson. still the same beat goes on, we wait till all the good players are gone, and we pick up the scraps, we have done this for years, and nothing has changed. on that note, we did have a great signing last year in cruz, but that again was a chance because of his age which worked out great for the team, and probably was the reason w
  14. I was planning on doing tenderloin, but the thick cuts will not cook well on my indoor grill, (have no outdoor grill here at home), so I did prime rib. now if I was at the cabin, it would have been tenderloin for sure.
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