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  1. knoppers

    Lower Unit Oil

    I have been using it in other things the chain saw spins extra fast with that oil.
  2. knoppers

    Joe Mauer

    well its official mauer has retired. I would guess he will be a coach somewhere, most likely a bench coach for the twins at some point.
  3. knoppers

    Lower Unit Oil

    I have always put in 80w-90 into my lower units, I just bought 75w-90 full synthetic oil. is this OK to use in a lower unit? I chickened out on my 200 HPDI and put in 80w-90. so I still have 2 full quarts of the 75w-90, was wondering if anyone has used this, and is it OK to use in a marine lower unit.
  4. knoppers

    Turkey Day Ice?

    got word that my lake in aitkin co. froze over last night. with cold temps forcast for much of next week, ice fishing will get a jump start this year.
  5. knoppers

    Cat5 Vs Cat6

    well I was at menards today, so I picked up a 50ft cat6 cable for only 13 bucks, I hooked it up, and still only got 75meg speed on the TV. I did not try the computer. I am thinking its all the faster the TV can run. I will hook up the computer sunday for a test.
  6. knoppers

    Cat5 Vs Cat6

    since I have just been upgraded to 200meg speed, I had to buy a new router that was fast enough to handle the higher speed. I did a speed test on my computer with the old router and got 75meg speed, since hooking up the new router, my speed jumped up to 215meg. I have a smart TV hooked up to the network, so I did a speed test on that with the new router, and it only hit 73meg. thinking it could be the 50 foot cat5e cable, I hooked up my old computer at my TV, and that only hit 73. my question is if I get a newer cat6 cable, will that get the same speed, or the 200meg speed to the TV?
  7. knoppers

    Got My Sled Ready For The 18/19 Riding Season

    getting the sled ready next weekend, I hope this wet weather continues for the cold season.
  8. knoppers

    Bluejays Everywhere!

    yea they eat up the acorns. I have soo many acorns, the tree rats cannot put a dent in them.
  9. knoppers

    Wild 18/19

    parise looks very slow out there, he was terrible in OT. hopefully the wild can turn this poor play around soon.
  10. knoppers

    Bluejays Everywhere!

    OK I am now a fan of blue jays. had a woodpecker, a larger one, not the downy on my house, it pecked a few times, I pounded on the wall it flew off into the tree, as I watched it through the window, it landed on the side of the garage ready to go to business, and a blue jay flew at it and chased it off, it happened two times, then the woodpecker flew off. I also had a blue jay chase off bees, they made a paper nest on my eaves in one day, I watched a blue jay land on it, and jump around, the bees would come out, the jay would fly off. then the jay repeated this numerous times until the nest fell off, bees left.
  11. knoppers

    2018 Grouse Report

    its been slow, I had the week off just for grouse, and the weather was horrible. not many flushes, and the birds have been very jumpy. these are seasoned birds, no young and stupid birds. I seen the hunters out for the NGS hunt near grand rapids, and I heard very little shooting. it will be interesting to here there results.
  12. knoppers

    2 cycle oil

    I have a half gallon of arctic cat APV oil, and was woundering if this can be used in my oil injected 2 stroke Yamaha 200HPDI? I bought a new sled this winter that requires C-TECH2 oil, so I have a half gallon of 45$ oil just sitting in my garage.
  13. knoppers

    Might get one last ride in

    I thought about it, but decided I didn't want it full of snow to melt in my garage.
  14. knoppers

    Spring Is Upon Us

    not a good sign when the snow geese are flying south today.
  15. knoppers

    Spring Is Upon Us

    well the redwing blackbirds are back. making all kinds of noise on the frozen pond today.