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  1. they did groom the trails on Thursday here, so with the 4 inches on top it should be OK. I will wait for next Friday, and head up to palisade to ride. looks like they got about 8 inches of new snow.
  2. well again the weather service earns there pay, snow storm that shuts the state down, never happened. predicted 12+ inches here in big lake turned into 3-4 inches. why is it they are never wrong about very cold weather?
  3. well two of are starters are out to start, pineda is out till mid may for the 60 game suspension, and hill is out till june with a injury, surgery in October. yes both baily and hill are cheap, so that hopefully frees up money to sign someone better, or like a Donaldson. still the same beat goes on, we wait till all the good players are gone, and we pick up the scraps, we have done this for years, and nothing has changed. on that note, we did have a great signing last year in cruz, but that again was a chance because of his age which worked out great for the team, and probably was the reason we won 101 games last year.
  4. I was planning on doing tenderloin, but the thick cuts will not cook well on my indoor grill, (have no outdoor grill here at home), so I did prime rib. now if I was at the cabin, it would have been tenderloin for sure.
  5. starcraft has some nice boats, I had a 17' walleye before my skeeters. I loved that boat.
  6. welcome to HSO, nice ride, and yes a stainless prop is a must for the larger boats.
  7. the good news is they started grooming some of the swamps, enough sleds have ridden through to lock it up. trails were good, still some of the worst swamps ungroomed, but plenty of sleds have been riding through so it shouldn't be much longer. after running the sled for 1.5 hours and 65 miles, the battery was back up to charge, and able to start the sled now. will have to keep tabs on it to see if it holds the charge, or else will have to be replaced.
  8. I did buy a new battery for my gizz after the 9 years, bought one from battery's plus, and that lasted just over one year, then bought a YUASA OEM, and that has been working great ever since, and this wheeler gets used rarely, starts in the winter when siting for long periods. the grizz is a 2002 carbed cold blooded machine.
  9. they are the OEM batterys, YUASA on both of my wheelers, not sure about the cat, but most likely the same.
  10. not sure, its the first snowmobile I have owned that had a battery. I would think its the same battery they put into wheelers, and I have had great luck with those, lasting up to 9 years on my grizz, and my last sportsman ran 6 years before I traded it off, without any issues. I never did put a tender on the battery, my guess is the charge was just low after sitting for months, I need to get out and put some miles on it, so it can recharge. aitkin here I come tomorrow.
  11. got a good 0.2 miles on the sled, just pulled out of the garage, and did a quicky up and down the road. got to test my cats starting, as the battery somehow was dead, but pulled the recoil, and it started first pull, its a good backup to have if the battery is dead, got to love the batteryless EFI system cat has.
  12. pulled the sled out, turned the key after putting in fresh gas, and it fired up spot on. seems to want to go, as it jumped at a little throttle, bring on the snow, its ready.
  13. last night I seen two very large bats flying around, it was dusk at best, so it was plenty light still. I have seen many bats here, but nothing even close to the size of these two, if I would guess about 3 times bigger than the normal bats I see winging around. I did see the normal size bats out a little later. these two were very aggressive, dive bombing very close to me. anyone know what these species are? first time I have every seen them.
  14. someone near to me caught one, and had it on shore for 2 hours, let it go and it swam away. I have heard that this fish can breath out of the water, they sometimes will surface to take a gulp of air.
  15. the aitkin DNR fisheries told me that its spawning colors, just a lot brighter than normal. and yes it did give a great fight. the only way to land these things is a net, as the fish is round, and almost impossible to grasp.
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