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  1. I put my sled away for the year after last weekend. got about 8 inches of snow this week, but it went fast. rode the wheeler over the weekend.
  2. almost sounds like a wrong belt, or your driven clutch is sticking, the sheeves are not releasing, so the spring is not opening it up. it also could just a need for some lube. it should be OK to ride.
  3. my first sled was a 69 ski-doo nordic 371. my uncle had a elan, and we always wanted to ride that, because his other sled was a TNT, and that single cylinder we could not pull start it. it had so much compression, if you did not pull it fully, it would darn near pull your arm off.
  4. we need snow bad, trails are not good, I was running hot for the few miles I tryed to ride today. the lakes are good though, plenty of snow there.
  5. put on 22 miles today at the new cabin, just learning the area, I would have done more, but the local gas station was out of 91. nothing groomed, but not that bad.
  6. now you will have to get a 45. I bought my first 9MM, then I had to have something bigger after plinking with the 9MM. either way you will like it.
  7. I know what your saying, I bought my new sled November 2017 and we almost no snow that year.
  8. new battery, 122 bucks, it better last longer than two years. hifax and a bag of oil, 210 bucks ouch, this sport is spendy for sure, but I can't wait to ride
  9. well the battery was dead, but I did pull start it for the first time this season, it ran good. just need to replace the hifax and its ready to go. not sure about the battery, I have the tender on it now, may need a new one.
  10. that looks so easy but it still does not load into my phone, I get a error every time.
  11. after one week, the batterys were at 60% and 40%, still not what I was expecting. I need to look into my tester, that may the problem.
  12. I just put in a new furnace, and paid 300 bucks for a WiFi thermostat, so I could monitor my house temp when I am away. its a honeywell T6 pro. problem is I cannot get this into my cell, it did connect to my home WiFi, but for some stupid reason it cannot finish and get into the app on my phone. I tryed many times, after reading and watching instructions. I give up, its not going to work. anyone have this issue or been through this? any tips?
  13. I did get 10 years out of my batterys from new, I put in 3 new batterys last year, not sure if my on-board charger is working correct. I checked my 24v system batterys and one was at 30% and the other at 40%. I plugged in on-board charger in friday, and unplugged saturday, I will do a check next weekend to see were they are at.
  14. getting the itch with this early snow. was looking at the sled and thinking of getting it ready, but its too early, I will wait another 3 weeks or so. I was up at the cabin in backus today to pull out the dock ( in lots of snow) and noticed there have been a few people out in the ditches already. ground still not froze, so only about 4 inches on the ground, but I did shovel a good 8 inches off the deck today, way to early for this.
  15. thanks for the reply's, I know heat is the battery's worst condition, and cold is better. I think I will leave the battery's in the boat, and plug the on-board charger in every now and then. I have been removing the battery's for years, and placing them in my basement, which has worked well. I do keep the starting battery in the boat since its very difficult to remove, but putting a battery tender on it all winter.
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