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Jerkbaits and tubes


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So many of you say you will start opener out with a jerkbait or a tube. These are the two areas I want to improve in this year. Could some of you guys let me know your favorite tactics, colors, brands, size, and conditions for these two methods.
Thank You Friendly

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Well for jerks, I would probably go with a rapala husky jerk or a smithwick suspending rogue. If you have the cash go with a Lucky Craft pointer. For colors and sizes, go with the the smithwick suspending Jr. or limited edition suspending (the limited edition ones come in some great patterns), for the husky jerks, go with any one of the HJ08, HJ10, HJ12. For colors, silver/black, silver/blue, clown, white/chart., firetiger, and I am anxious to try some of rapala's new "glass finish" patterns (if they catch as good as they look... wink.gif).

For tubes (my personal favorite grin.gif!!!) I basically go with whatever is one sale! LOL. Actually, I did pick up most of my tubes this winter off the sale rack, can't complain with that. Basically I go with a 3.5'' fliping tube from any particular maker (Berkley, Gander generic, basspro shop, etc...). I haven't really found a brand that I would live by just yet, primarily because I haven't seen a big difference in bite ratios. For rigging these, I usually go with a weightless t-rig with a Gama EWG 3/0 or 4/0 hook. There are a gazillion ways to rig a tube, but some of the best are: weightless t-rig, t-rig with internal rattle weights (1/16-1/4oz), pegged t-rig (1/16-1/4oz), split shot t-rig, and extrawide jig head (1/8-1/4oz). I hardly ever use something over 1/4oz just because of personal preference and because I mainly fish rivers but if you were to be flippin to heavy cover you might want to go up to 1/2oz or 5/8oz. For colors I love neutral colors (pumpkin, blue/black flake, black/red flake, green, watermelon, smoke/black or blue flake, and occasionally a pearl white.

Hope this helps put some bass in your boat this spring.

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i will get in on the tubes. other than for flipping( there i use power bait flipping tubes) i live by and with the chompers brand. heavy garlic sent, plus salt. these we fish with a jig pushed thru the open end . you press down around the eye to exspose the eye of the jig and tie to it that way. you can fish these around weeds and wood, but not in it with the exsposed hook. del

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Hey Friendly,

These guys are all over it with the colors and Huskies-Rogues. I do sometimes have to go with the orange/black combo and as always the Clown is good.

With the tubes, I used to be a Chompers guy, because of the garlic. I decided to save some $$$ and I stock up on the BPS Magnum Flipping Tubes in the winter and buy some BANG-- open the bag and soak them for the winter. When you get up early in the morning---WOW it will wake you up.


Captain Doug Wintle
Spring Bay Resort & Guide Service

Lund Pro Staff
RJ Sport and Cycle Pro Staff
[email protected]

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t-rig = texas rigged.

For a picture posted by FM staffer Dan Wood. Check out the "Rigging Powerbaits?" thread on this BASS forum. It's down about 10+ posts and all the info you need is right there!

Thanks Dan again for a great job on this forum!

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Mike - you provide some great information to this thread that is appreciated as well. It is nice to try to help people learn the sport we love. I don't think I have your email anymore, can you email me when you get a chance..

T-rigged tube:


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Because I fish mostly rivers, I throw tubes pretty much all the time cool.gif. However, great spots to throw tubes are along rip-rap, rock piles or rock/gravel bottoms. This is VERY effective and should be a primary tactic for smallmouth whether on the river or a lake.

For lakes, tubes work great for skipping under docks, in to thick vegetation with heavy weights, and wood/fallen trees. There are a ton of ways to use tubes and could be modified for pretty much any situation.

If you can't tell I love fishing tubes. They are so easy to use and really hard to mess up on how you fish them.

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Yeah, Texas-rigged. I've done it, know it, love it. I just did'nt get the short hand(note the time of my post).

I saw a guy(think it was Hank Parker) take a thick segment of heavy mono(80lb), slide it thru the plasic-hookeyelet-plastic, and then melt the ends to look like eyes. This also keeps the plastic from sliding down the hook.

Seems like a nifty idea. Any one ever tried this? Overkill?


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I can honestly say now that I'ved use this product now for 2 years It out fishes other tubes 2 or 3 to 1 .I use a ZAP custum lure 3.5 inch mustard color tube and a Zap 3.5 salt and pepper tube .
Dropshot in 15 to 35 foot of water from mid june up til late sept. If anyone is interested email me at [email protected]
The prices are awsome 50 tubes 16 bucks
Tight lines all

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    • 👍👍 yessirree.........mayhaps even from your back yard!!!!!!!!!!🤭🤗
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