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  1. Planning on winterizing my boat myself this weekend: '93 Tracker w/60hp Johnson. I've got the fogging and lower unit thing down but I've heard people talk about greasing the zerks. Where do I find them on my motor, how do you fill them, and what do I fill them with?
  2. BigMike

    Sumo or Mad Maxx

    I bought the Tru-Tungsten Mad Maxx at the end of last year. I have since moved back to the spros. The body alone is enough for me to try it once and never again. The max is MUCH stiffer plastic. The hook seems to be a stouter hook but that won't do you much if the body never crushes enough to hook up. The bait does walk as good, or better, than the spros but the body alone is a big turn off. One of the things I have started doing when I'm frog fishing, even with my spros, is laying a couple of them in the floor of the boat or on the deck and letting the sun warm them up. I've found it helps soften the body up even more. The downside is I've lost more of the weighted plugs doing this (the plastic warms/loosens around the plug). Once the plus is gone, it's worthless. Side note - frog designers need to rethink the weighted plug - every frog I've fished with has them and usually end up loosing the weight eventually from use.
  3. BigMike

    Weed I.D.

    Good link there.
  4. Dave, all of the east & NE metro lakes are near record low water levels... it definitely makes it a challenge and being from the east side, I have a few lakes that I haven't even been able to launch in the last 2 years. I'm with Ebass on this one, go to the deep structure. Look for points, drops, humps that have a deeper weedline. Fish the weedlines where they drop from 6-8FOW to 10-15FOW. If you find sudden depth changes and a weedline, there should be fish. Even better if there are rocks or mixed vegetation. My best bait is a drop shot rig or a jig/pig
  5. I've been fishing RI's beavers on a Trokar straight shank 5/0. So far I have had a good profile (straight) and good hookups. Plus I've been able to rerig a number of times compared to some other hooks. The heavy flipping wire was well matched with a 1/4oz tungsten weight. At this time of year, you are not punching mats, or any vegetation for that matter... I typically use 1/8th-1/4oz this time of year for that reason: less weight the more natural look in my opinion. I don't think I would fish that bait weightless though. If you're going to go that route, I'd probably go with some other bait.
  6. You've got that right. I use a size 5/0 for flipping.
  7. I concur on Demontreville. I swung by there a couple weeks ago and the water levels are as bad, if not worse, than any time last year. That launch is in rough shape. Jane is still impossible. Congrats on the new rig. You should post pics.
  8. I use a palomar for braid and a snell for flurocarbon/mono when fishing a straight shank hook.
  9. Craigum, Straight shank is the way to go for flipping/pitching. I've been using the straight shank for flipping for a couple years. I have found a slightly higher hooking percentage overall, but more than the hooking percentage is the ability to get the fish in the boat and rerig quickly. Usually a straight shank flipping hook is much stronger/heavier gauge than a EWG hook. There are a few heavier gauge EWG hooks out there, but I really haven't liked them for flipping/pitching... your bait can roll with that extra keel hanging down. Think of the gear you use for flippin/pitchin: Heavy, 7'6''+, high speed reels, & heavy braid (50+lb) or Mono/Fluro (20+lb). With a light gauge hook, you're going to bend that hook out often with that gear. In addition, the fewer bends you have in a hook, the stronger the hook. Straight shank are the strongest, then offset, then EWG. As far as the hooking percentage, I've found I definitely catch more fish in the top of the mouth with a straight shank than I do with EWG or Offset hooks. Here is my rule of thumb for hooks: 1. Straight shank: Flippin/Pitchin 2. Offset: worming (texas rigged worms, carolina rig, etc) 3. EWG: tubes, senkos, flukes, swimbaits, skipping baits (ie. fluke/senko, etc), and some wacky rigging (although there are more and more wacky hooks coming out...I like the Falcon K hooks especially)
  10. Not much left... Totally picked over... mostly stuff that no one wants. Some rods still left but not big discounts on rods for some reason like 20% vs. 40-50% for tackle (of what's left). Oh well, it was good while it lasted.
  11. Quote: Ike gets real old real quick when he is whooping and hollering over a 1 lb bass - whoopie! My 7 year old daughter has caught bigger. NE - You have to look at the fishery they were fishing. A 1 lb bass was like a 3 or 4lb bass on any other fishery. The biggest was under 3lbs for the entire touney. Not to mention total winning weight just shy of 13lbs and Ike took 5th with 11.5lbs - that's not bad at all - not to mention all the other guys were freaking out when they caught a "13 incher". Ike is a good angler, 4 first place finishes (against the best in the world), 1 classic win, 2 2nd place, 2 3rd place and 22 top 10's. That is impressive, as impressive as most anglers on the B.A.S.S. Tour and career winnings of over $809K. My point in my post above was that guys like the aaron martens of the tour, who have almost identical stats as Ike and for martens, he has been the most consistent angler over that last 2-3 years won't ever make as much sponsor money as Ike because he is too mellow. I agree, the good ole' boys are fun to watch and "normal", but the showboaters and "big names" are what make a sport... take football, baseball, hockey, etc... They have all risen to the top because of recognition... and those superstars of the sports are the ones that are going to make a lot more $$ from sponsorships than they do from winning/performance... just a fact. As a mentioned earlier, sponsors are paying people to get their name recognized and will pay more $$ to more recognizable figures. Ike being one of them...
  12. I have to say, Ike is a little cocky and it's not for everyone, but I guarantee that Ike will have more sponsor money than Aaron Martens (who is probably one of the hottest and most consistant anglers on the tour over the last couple years). Martens won Angler of the Year this year and took 2nd for the last couple, not to mention 2nd in this year's Classic, yet as they mentioned on ESPN he spent $20K for tackle this year... what pro has to pay that much for tackle. Sure you'll be buying whatever works and may not be free from a sponsor. To me that says, it doesn't matter how good an angler you are but how much you "promote" yourself that will get you the sponsor $$. Sponsors want publicity and right prior to taking Angler of the Year he wasn't getting the publicity or notarity as others like Ike, even though he was a better angler...and I guarantee Ike is making a lot more $$ from sponsorships for his antics... Ike is a good angler and on top of that he carries a name that everyone knows (for good or bad). Sponsors don't pay for good anglers per say... they pay for publicity and to make money...
  13. BigMike

    Tough Metro Bite?

    Ebass - thanks for the outing yesterday. You don't suck... if I was the one trying to man the trolling motor (and hang on for your life on the platform) in 30-40mph wind gusts...not to mention big rolling swells, I would suck too! It was a good night for bassin', a bad night for boating! LOL. Thanks to Eb's navigation at the helm we caught about 10-12 bass with most over 12+. Largest of the night was 17+''. Not bad for a hot and windy day!
  14. Ole - I love tubes! I've always had issues with the internal weights and hookup ratios. Internal weights don't allow the tube to collapse fully and expose the hook point as much plus they are a pain to rig. I fish tubes two ways. The first is for rock humps, on the river or in sparse cover. I use a 4/0 tube jig head, either in a 1/8th or 1/4oz weight (maybe 3/8-1/2oz for deeper water). I like to get the tube jigs that I can put inside rather than just push the hook point through. The second way I rig tubes I use when I'm fishing tighter/denser structure. I use a 3/0 or 4/0 EWG hook (the biggest my tube will allow - some tubes have shorter bodies than others...). I tex-pose the tube and peg the tube with a toothpick through the hook eye (to keep the tube from falling down the shank or up the line) and I will either put a sliding bullet weight (1/8-1/2oz depending on presentation: flipping, skipping, etc.) or a "bullshot" (crimping bullet weight) and crimp it right at the head of the hook eye. Be sure to re-crimp after every fish or you'll be loosing bullshot weights all day - but they are real cheap so it may not even matter. Good luck
  15. River Rules 2.05.9 article C states: The guy who catches the most bass/weight wins the $5/angler pot, this can only be veto'd by a 2/3rds majority in which the guy with the longest fish wins... THATS ME LOL. Sami - good think I put the most & first fish in the boat and saved myself those two bucks! For those who missed our BIG PAYOUT tourney (LOL!), you'll have to join us for the next one
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