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  1. Chris, I'd email Rob @ [email protected] I know he is in the process of ordering the hats, so he needs to get a number on teams. I told him I was pretty sure you were fishing it again. - Dan
  2. There are about 5 teams that are confirmed, although I don't have payment from many yet. I won't be able to fish this year, I'm fishing some other tournaments as it turns out. I've asked Rob Fritze to run the league and he has accepted. Rob has fished the past 2 yrs. and will do an excellent job I'm sure. If anyone needs a sub for an event, shoot me an email....
  3. Chad, Our prayers are with Jesse and all of your family. I hope you all know that we greatly appreciate the brave soldiers who are fighting for our freedom. We had a very close friend killed in Iraq a few months ago, so I can feel your pain. My heart goes out to all of the soldiers and families that are making these sacrifices for our freedom.
  4. Welcome guys, glad to see some new faces! Mike duckbill - I'm not really sure on a few teams, this is only an estimate. I know of at least one team that isn't coming back. I think it will fill as well. Not many guys thinking open water yet... Muskie isn't on the list of species this year.
  5. I'd like to do this... If Andy gets something going on Pool 6 I'd be up for it, or else we can do Pool 4. I know a lot of us will be fishing down there prior to regular opener anyway...
  6. I think we are around 9-10 based on feedback I've received. That is rough. I have an application in from one new team.
  7. Sounds like good strategy on his part - I don't see anything wrong with catching fish during prefishing if that is all he did.. Anyone from the general public could have caught those fish too...
  8. Dan Wood

    drop shotting

    If you use a split shot, they will just slide off when you hang.. Otherwise you can use the dropshot weights that weaken your line and are designed to break off.
  9. Wayne, I tried the 40 lb. stren braid last year. I think I still prefer the PowerPro, but they are pretty similar. I do still use braid for c-rigging and I use it for many hard baits still without a leader. For lighter presentations on a baitcaster, I don't care for the way the heavy braid comes off the reel. Maybe it's just me, but I have a lot better luck with the same diameter equivalent in mono or fluoro. I miss the sensitivity though on braid.
  10. I normally use 15 lb. - Pline and Seaguar. I'm always trying different lines, but the 15 lb. diameter range seems to handle pretty good..
  11. I used to fish fluoro leaders with braid and had a problem with break offs as well (the problem wasn't at the knot).. I don't know if you can call it a real problem, but it happened once or twice and that was too much.. Maybe just a matter of changing up your hook set, but I gave it up. I now use mainly fluor on the entire reel instead of just the leader. I still use braid for the thick stuff - and lighter braid on spinning rods (without leader). I like the sensitivity on braid, so I may look at going back to this in the future. Fluoro they say is low stretch, but from tests I've seen it is much closer to mono than any braid...
  12. My understanding is that it is the stress that causes them to drop. My uncle works for the WI DNR and told me one year during a real heavy early snow, the bucks were dropping during gun season in Nov. I think that might have been that Halloween storm.. This year it seemed many of the bucks around us dropped when we got that 9" snow (within a couple days I think).. The deer seemed pretty excited about the snow too - you could tell they didn't like not having the easy access to food anymore. They started feeding a lot heavier than normal at the feeder.
  13. I hear ya.. I've been practicing my pitching in the living room for the past couple weeks.. starting to get my tackle organized, re-spool reels, etc. my wife always thinks I'm crazy when it comes to this stuff.. I have rods/reels all over the house all year... Hoping to build a couple rods and some jigs before ice out too.. I even pulled out the senkos ice fishing last weekend - that didn't work out real well.. I was wishing I had some of the lil' magic stiks as those would be a better size during the winter I think (the senko was sinking too fast for them). I wasn't really expecting to fish bass through the ice, but that is mostly what I was seeing on camera... I did get one bass on a drop-shot rig and missed another one. When are you guys going to Lake Fork?
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