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Last year I fished with 17# Trilene xt the whole year, great line, no problems. This year I found a deal on Power Pro - 20/6 and 30/8, I have heard good things about it and thought I'd give it a whirl, they say you can feel more and also tell what type of bottom your on. time will tell!

Good Luck To All, Wormburner!
Buy a trailer,help support my fishing habit!

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Power Pro 8/30 on spinnerbait rod
Power Pro 16/65 on slop rod
McCoy 12 lb
McCoy 17 lb
also going to try Trilene Sensation 12 lb this year....

see my testemonial regarding Power Pro in the "new equipment" forum... AMAZING line!!

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I have already put Power Pro 20/6 on one baitcast and P-line 6# florocarbon coated mono on 2 spinning reels. I have 2 more baitcast rods and 1 more spinning rod to put line on yet, but haven't decided what line.

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Line really depends on what you will be doing with it. Casting or Flipping? How heavy is the cover? What presentation is it? Some techniques are great when a superline is used and others are not.

Jigs - Heavy Cover - Spiderwire Original Braid or Berkley Vanish Flourocarbon (new formula)

Worms - Vanish Flourocarbon

Cranks - Low stretch Mono - 12lb. Sensation

Jerkbaits - 10-14lb. Flourocarbon - keeps the bait suspended and is invisible, very helpful for those long pauses and clear water smallies.

Docks - Braided line - 30lb. on spinning tackle and 40-65lb. on baitcast gear.

Spoons/Topwater Frogs - Heavy Braided line - Spiderline Stealth - casts better than any other braid.

Spinnerbaits - some guys like braid for this, I prefer to use mono, either Sensation or Big Game 14-17lb. Usually Trilene Big Game 15lb.

Topwater - Walker, Poppers, etc. - Low stretch mono, Sensation in 12 or 14lb.

Jig Worms - spinning tackle - 8lb. Sensation

I feel that every line has its right place and no one line can do everything. However, the most versatile line I can recommend is Trilene Sensation.

Good Luck!

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oh boy! i use 4#XT on my ulta light; 4#or 6# on my jigging rod. 8#or 10# on my other spinning rod . 10# xt on one bait caster. 20#xt on my other one. and then use 50# to 80# braid on my muskie rods. del

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