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  1. Looking for someone (in metro area preferrably) to recarpet my boat over the winter. 2005 Alumacraft Navigator CS 185. Any suggestions.
  2. We got back from our trip to the Chamberlain Narrows area a couple days ago. The fishing for our group was great, but we heard many other groups were not having a lot of success. The walleyes were shallower than I would have guessed. Even with the clear blue sky, hot sunny days and lack of wind most days, we found most of our walleyes in 10-13 feet. On a couple spots we did well casting crankbaits to shallow rocks in just a few feet of water, however most walleyes were caught with a jig and minnow. Best walleye was 29 1/4. Anywhere we caught small walleyes was a good area to cast large spoons, buck tails, and crankbaits for northerns. We had several northerns in the 33-35" range and the biggest was just over 38" .
  3. Headed up the 3rd week of June to Chamberlain Narrows. I think this will be my 8th trip up there, but I haven't been up there the last 2 summers. Anyone else going up there this year?
  4. I was there july 24-31. The limit was still 3 the entire time. They shut down the commercial netting from July 23-30, so that probably had a lot to do with our success.
  5. Just got back from a week fishing the Kenai in Soldotna. Wow did we time the run of the sockeyes right this year. Fast and furious action. We went down to Seward for 1 day of charter fishing and had our limit of halibut, rockfish and silvers by 12:30. Best Alaskan trip I've been on by far!
  6. My personal experience is that the ice fishing on LOTW has become worse each year over the last 5-7 years. Last year was terrible. I would like to do LOTW again, but is there any reason to believe the trend has reversed?
  7. I'm looking for an ice fishing trip to give my son for Christmas. Preferably in a sleeper house. I’ve done the sleepers at LOTW many times, but the last few years the fishing has been really bad up there, even on Oak Island last year. Any recommendations for where I can send him? He doesn’t want to go to Devil’s Lake for some reason. I was thinking Red or Leech? Where has a great bite going this year with sleeper houses? Thanks for the feedback!
  8. I hear the reason next season will be delayed is that they are waiting for winter to film it. The long winter is here!!!
  9. This was a great season. The last 2 episodes were some of the best episodes ever on Game of Thrones. Starks are back in Winterfell, Cersei got her revenge and now sits on the iron throne, Khaleesi is crossing the sea with her army, and winter is here. I already can't wait for next season!
  10. All my mono rods get re-spooled every spring, than it's as-needed for the rest of the year. 2 or 3 of them will always get re-spooled twice or more. I can always get at least 2 years off braid... maybe even 3 or 4 years when you reverse it. When you think it's time to replace the line, just reverse it. transfer the line to another reel, than to another reel, than back on the original reel. Now the line that was on the inside of the spool is the line you will be using and the line that was on the outer part of the reel is now on the inner part of the spool and will never see the light of day.
  11. At the Minnesota Outdoor Adventure Foundation, we may still have a spot available for a free fly-in fishing trip for a combat disabled veteran that has lost a limb or is in a wheelchair. If you know of someone that might qualify and would like to go on a great Canadian Fly-In trip with a few other disabled veterans, have them contact me. I would like to make this happen for them. Dan Oliver [email protected] dot org
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