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I learned something new...


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So I was watching Bill Dance catch 8lb bass from a private pond per usual, and he always tells tips n tricks. Well, he said that a largemouthbass's eye sight is much better when the water temp is 75 than if it's 90. It's like 8-10 times better in cooler temps. I never knew this.

I can see a new business coming. When your prey is blurred try Bass Disposable Contacts, by EBass!

Anyone else know of any info reguarding water temp and a bass's sences being altered?

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My unscientific response but it may be logical. If the water temp is 90 degrees then I'm pretty sure that we are looking at shallow waters and I don't know of any shallow waters at that temp that don't have THICK vegetation or are very muddy. So logically, eyesight for bass would be hindered by those two things.

As for scientifically speaking, I'm not sure about the actual eyesight being better or worse. But if Bill Dance says so, it's got to be true wink.gif

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He was talking about what happens in the bass's eye. What I got from it is you have some 75 degree gin clear water and the bass can see your lure from a very long distance and that distance decreases as the temp rises in that same gin clear water. He talked about it some more but this is what I recall. Weird huh?

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