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Prespawn river fishing(smallies mainly)


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Since I am itching already to catch the bass, I'm wondering what tactics and time of year are good to start fishing in places like pool 2 where I don't believe seasons close but are all cpr? Maybe get out in the boat, but more likely mostly from shore. I am mostly a largemouth lake guy, but would like to get in on the early action. Thanks

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Here is the post I posted on your same topic in the mississippi pool 2-4 forum:

If you are looking for some winter smallmouth tactics you need to pick up this month's edition of Bassmaster magazine. There is a big and very good article on winter smallmouth tactics and patterns.
As for pool 2, I know of a few really nice deep/wingdam sections easily accessable by shore, but I think they are all iced up

I too agree with bronze about fishing for smallies in spring! From what I've read, smallies are much more fragile in the cold MN waters than normal in warmer climates. I won't get into any more than that. But if you do get out, be gentle.

I also would suggest checking out the two websites ebass posted. Good technique sites.

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That's a good Q. Prespawn smallies are hard to figure out. I've read but never tried the float n fly method.

Like a tiny bobber for the float then a tiny flu flu or "fly" for the lure.

Check out www dot riversmallies dot com. Jeff Little is a great writer/smallie magnet. Another one I hooked BigMike up with is www dot bronzeback dot com. Not as good as the first but has a link for the flow rates across the country.

I wonder why no one else has responed?? It will give you some more material to read up on.


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The floating/fly is nothing new in Minn. Think about it... we have been using it for years, every spring we use it for ice out crappies and gills. We normally fish it shallow because of the species we are targeting. I use it in early June on LOW for smallies and fish it a little deeper 4 to 6 feet, it is scary how well this presentation works, and how many non-targeted walleyes we pick-up. I now use a 9 and 11 foot model salmon rods rated for upto 12 pound test and a long spool spinning reel, fishing mainly 4 pound test, sometimes stepping upto 6 pound for the smallies. I use small weighted ice floats and flu-flu's most of the time. When targeting early season panfish, this outfit will cast a county mile, but you do give up some accuracy.

Agape Fishing Guides

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