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  1. Wayne Ek

    A Few from the Bog Last Weekend

    Couple of very nice captures there Jim.
  2. Wayne Ek

    Need some help - where?

    BigGuyOne: You have a PM
  3. Nice captures. I have yet to find an active den this spring.
  4. Wayne Ek

    Bass clubs

    Hi RK: Missed you at some of the shows this year. We will still have to get out on the water when your up at your place. I have not been with a B.A.S.S. club since I moved to Alex. Prior to that I was with Viking and then Sportsman's. There are a couple of things about clubs and remember I've been away from them for over 13-years now. 1.) I learned more about bass fishing by joining a club than I ever thought possible and that's hard to say because I have been chasing bass since the age of 8, every summer up on Hoot Lake out of Fergus. 2.) I think both clubs had meetings once per month and an awards banquet. The summer meetings were the tournaments. 3.) Both clubs did civic events, mainly Casting Kids and Sportsman's cleaned up (trash pick-up) each access we launched out of, I think they still do that. 4.) I still think club fishing is one of the least expensive ways to find out if you really like tournament bass fishing. And then one of the best ways to hone those skills. 5.) Bass clubs are one of the absolute best ways to meet friends that share your love of fishing. Mike DaLoia and I meant in Sportsman's, as we joined at the same meeting. Mike is and has been my tournament partner for money tournaments to this day and I consider him one of my best friends to this day.
  5. Wayne Ek

    Flippn' Jigs

    I mainly use Strike King Hack Attack or Bitsy Flip Jigs. My go to weight for flipping is 1/2 oz.
  6. Wayne Ek

    Super glue? holding trailers or worms on hooks or jigs

    I use a product call Fishing Glue, most of the big box stores have it. It comes in tube form or the one I like which is a small bottle (like a finger nail polish bottle) with a small brush. Less mess and you can tighten the cap down and it doesn't dry out as quick as the tubes.
  7. Wayne Ek

    First Flower of the year in garden..

    DD, the second one looks much better. If your hand holding your camera just be aware that when you move in really close any little movement can cause focus problems. The wind moving the plant, camera shake, wind moving the camera. You can solve part of that problem with a good tripod, in this shot you could probably get by with a bean bag on a 5-gallon bucket. And if macro is something you like, then I would look at a remote release or wireless release. Good shot, the only thing I have coming up is the chives.
  8. Vast improvement, Now those are some really nice captures.
  9. Wayne Ek

    Spring Waterfowl Thread

    All these are from the Chippewa River, by Alexandria. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  10. Wayne Ek

    S-Glass crankbait rod

    Okuma makes a series specialty rods called the EVX Specialty Rods. They have two crank-bait rods in that series that are built on glass blanks. The MSRP is $85 to $100 dollars. Series EVx-CB-701Ma or 781Ma. With limited life time warranty.
  11. Wayne Ek

    Thorne Bros Spring Sale - April 25-27!!!

    There are usually some great deals to be had during the spring sale. I'll be down there for Strike King, grab me and say hello.
  12. Wayne Ek

    Few shots from the past weeks

    Thanks DD, it can be fun, frustrating and expensive.
  13. Only in Minnesota can it be 41-degrees, then have thunder/lightening/rain, then hail/thunder/lightening then a light snow fall... No wonder I'm bored. Here are a couple shot before the Sportsman show in Mpls and after I got back home. First "Munk" of the season, in the yard. Look OUT!!! munk. Couple of more swans from around Fergus Falls. Deer off the end of our dock. And Deer leaving the end of our dock.
  14. Wayne Ek

    Tungsten Bullet Weights

    I use Strike King tungsten weights and that's a very good price. The only time I use lead any more is when I'm pre-fishing and the lake has a heavy population of small northerns.
  15. Wayne Ek

    Swans from today

    Thanks, I've been rechecking the corn field that they have been feeding in and so far no returns.