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  1. I'll be off October 30-Nov 23, so I know two things; I'll have the rut covered, and a sore rear end from sitting in the stand. Also will kill some ducks in there somewhere I'm sure
  2. Nice work! Those are some of the fattest goats I've ever seen! For the question above, WY preference points can be purchased through the end of October I believe. Pretty sure Nebraska has over the counter tags for non-resident archery as well.
  3. He doesn't just retrieve ducks... Good evening on pool 9
  4. Good old native "rough" fish. Several years since I caught one. Jigging on pool 9.
  5. The wife and the inlaws did really well on mother's day, on spots that are usually early spots but were empty for me early. The ones they found were getting a bit old but still okay. Today we hit a "late" spot, and found some, mostly old. Left a lot of moldy and or bug eaten ones out there. Been an odd year. That's probably a wrap for me. I may try and hit a couple of cooler valley or near water spots this weekend just to see. Wife also found another fawn but wasn't carrying her phone.
  6. Checked some northern and western exposure this evening for a little while. More ground cover and moist ground. Biggest ones I've found so far this year, the bottom right few were palm sized.
  7. Good to hear guys. I checked out some new public land today. Found the best looking area I've even seen....no mushrooms...and I didn't see any sign of other folks. Found one morel on a sad looking hillside. Did find a nice patch of ramps that I dug a few from; my first. I've seen them before but never picked. Had some tonight; delicious! Also found tons of PBs(I think) but I've never dabbled in those. Beautiful land though.
  8. Started off pretty rough today checking some "every-year" trees. In two hours we had 4 morels in the bag. Found two trees along a hillside that must have been just perfect, and managed several dozen from a small area there. And that was about it. Not sure if it's "early" yet or if the spots just aren't going to produce. Time to move to different ground later in the week.
  9. Went out for an hour before work today and found 3....So far it has been inconsistent but I haven't been out much lately with the bad weather. Friend of mine has found them as far north as the upper peninsula of Michigan.
  10. Was doing some work in the woods today and found these. Of course I stopped and spent two hours looking for more, but this was it. Oh well, will probably be the earliest I've ever gotten to eat them.
  11. Lilac blooms are here, just haven't opened. Hearing some reports of good finds in the Houston and Lewiston areas of MN. I checked some new public areas today on the MN side. Could be decent later but too cold and wet right now. Will check some early season spots tomorrow but won't hope for much with the cold weather.
  12. Was clearing some downed trees from trails this morning. Checked a couple of trees and would you look at that. I didn't look very hard so I'm sure there are more, but of course have to head to work. Cold weather predicted after today though...
  13. It will probably naturally repopulate as Aspen/popple, which will will be pretty dense within a couple years. Otherwise planting a lot of pines (W. Spruce, W. Pine, R. Pine) will help with what you're looking for. Look into the dnr nursery to do some supplemental pine planting and let the aspen return as well. Or have someone with a dozer come in and get rid of your stumps, and plant a big perennial plot.
  14. The cold last night didn't help but I will expect them at the end of April here in SW WI, same as last year. On the south facing slopes at least. Haven't heard any yet but shouldn't be long.
  15. Lunker

    Bass Photos

    Pool 8 fatty today. Texas rigged plastic on a current seam.
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