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Prairie 650?


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I got My 03'Prairie 650 in September and have ridden it HARD, and after 1200 miles I have had no problems. The extra raw power comes in handy when plowing, and pulling stuff. Still able to ride it in the woods, and am impressed with how well it does in the snow. There are some good deals out there on the 03's now that the 700's are out. (rode both- nearly identical)

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I have one and really like it. I use it for plowing and my sprayer too. Lots of power and a good ride. No problems in the last 2 years. Hauls deer and goes fine on the ice. great for pulling a trailer for woods and cabin work.

it is a little larger than some of the others. I would not go much smaller than 500 if you are going to pull or plow much. Hauling out a bunch of deer in deep snow would be a work out.

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Is it new or used? not that it matters much but as someone else pointed out there are some killer deals out there if you can still find any new leftovers.

The power in these units is just amazing and even better in the 700's, we use them for elk hunting in Colorado, and pulling our fish houses out on the lake when the snow isn't too deep. One uses his for plowing and just loves it! I forget which plow he bought but its the one that the blade is bigger on 1 end than the other, kind of like the state truck plows if you know what I mean.

We bought our '03 over 1 year ago, we let a few friends drive it and test it out, now there are 4 units in our hunting party and NOBODY is complaining about there machine.

I can't think of ANY major drawbacks on these machines, if you ride for an extened amount of time the seat might make your butt sore and there is a gear noise you get from the front end, they use squared off gears I guess, makes them stonger.

GET THE BEAST !! You'll love it.

Drop me a email if you want some links to some sites that talk about these and others.


[email protected]

Frozen Bait

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