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  1. If you want the Windows 7 layout to Windows 10, you can download a theme called ClassicShell at their site .net Its handy for people that just panic when they see the Windows 10 interface.
  2. Garmin will be about your best bet to fix the unit, they have a repair center for their devices, just google GARMIN REPAIR CENTER, I believe they have a flat fee for fixing devices. As for the waypoints, if the device still fires up you should be able to download your waypoints via Garmin BaseCamp There are other programs that can download your waypoints but BaseCamp is probably your best bet. Hope that works! Mike
  3. What the heck is everyone up to? I haven't checked in, in a while, figured I better throw leech a few pictures of some snowmobiling...... hasn't been much going on in our neck of the woods with the wind blowing everything into the grass or woods. Anyone else been out west yet? 7 of us shot out to Cooke City a week ago ( Jan 10 ) and rode the BearTooth Pass / Top of the World Wyoming on Thrus, then headed for Cooke City Montana to ride Friday and Saturday. Met up with 3 more and we had one of the best deep powder rides ever! Always a lot of work when you ride in the deep stuff but it's something you always wait for, got a good work out from getting stuck ALOT and helping out the others too. I believe the snotel site topped 102" of snow ( they actually topped 100" around new years too ) which is early for them to get that much snow but not all places out west are getting snow, our friend from Colorado said one of the ski resorts out there was only 25% open ...... good thing we didn't plan on going to Colorado riding this year! I didn't bring a camera with so I had to rely on my buddies to supply a few pictures. There were some meadows and bowls that were STUPID Deep with powder, dang near didn't make it out, had to be an easy 3 to 4 feet of powder back in them areas...... it was AWESOME!!!! When you see this much snow in town, it's going to be GREAT up top!
  4. AHH..... Memories.... I would have loved to have a odometer on our Tri-Moto 125, had to have put thousands of miles on that 3 wheeler, burnt it down a few times when we were kids but Dad said you'll have to learn to fix it yourself! I'm not bringing it back to the dealer every time there's something wrong! We got good at new pistons and rings and gasket sets..... eventually we brought it to the dealer in pieces after we couldn't fix it anymore, think it was a rod bearing that eventually was it's demise, ended up getting a rippin' Tri-Moto 175 after that, those wheelers were our main transportation since we didn't have drivers licenses yet....... good times for sure. You're carb is having issues, I would go there first, somethings not stopping the fuel from getting into your carb, either the float has a hole in it and isn't floating, or it could be sticking somewhere or your needle and seat are shot. Give the carb a good once over and you should have your problem fixed. Those were pretty basic 2 cycle engines, I don't think they even had reed valves. Mike
  5. HMMM.... I don't own a pontoon BUT.... if a person wants to line up some guys to head west sometime..... I'M READY!!!! Leech sounds a little cranky!! must not have gotten enough miles on the sled this year and YOU'RE the retired one!!!! I didn't get squat for miles on my sleds this year either, 90% of my riding was to the fish house and back but we'll be changing that SOON!
  6. QUITTER!!! Heck, I'm just getting ready to head west for the 1st time this year! if it's good, I reserve the right to go back! Todays daily pic ......
  7. They said NOPE keeping it all to themselves...... I see my link up above must have gotten changed with the pictures of the HUGE avalanches that went off up there last weekend, buried one of our trails to the backcountry in 10 - 20 feet of Avalanche debris! Looks like you can pretty much walk from the snow to the roof of this cabin now, and the snowiest part of the winter ' should ' still be left.
  8. Colorado is about 150% of their average snow fall for this time of year, my buddy out there says it's just great and I see the pictures online and its looking awesome Cooke City has been caught in a ' atmospheric river' as they say, unbelievable snows up there right now. I haven't made it out that way yet this year but the plans are to head that way soon. Feast you eyes on this video....
  9. Do I have to follow the ride safe rules?
  10. Probably to prevent this! Looks like someone had TOO much time on their hands!
  11. Ok.... thanks for the info.... might have to put it on the list if the fishing season is long enough this year
  12. Serious???? I'm not a trout fisherman but I'm in search of Whitefish this winter to go angling for and if I can help it, I don't want to have to go back to Ontario ( although they were nice sized Whities ) if I don't have to but I am looking for Whitefish, not Tulibee. Any size to the Whitefish ( if that's what they are ) ? We've zero'd in a few lakes to go give it a try. Mike
  13. Thats awesome....... $790.00 doesn't even cover the sno suit, helmet, facemask, gloves and boots anymore! Mike
  14. I agree...... I've cut about 50 holes with my Strikemaster Lithium Lazer ( refurb ) I picked up this fall and it's worked flawlessly, haven't treated any different than a Jiffy 30. Mike
  15. Picked up the reconditioned 50v Lithium Laser at Scheels a few weeks ago, all the updates were done, full warranty just the same as new. For $399..... heck ya!!! Mike
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