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  1. You might consider going with a steriod to get a better response. Something like prednasone. The changing of vets might be an option too.
  2. I did try at the Brule Sportsman fly shop just south of town. The owner had maps of it but cannot find them to copy again. I will check back again. I would like to hit some spots this Fall but having a good map helps a lot.
  3. Good that you went in. Hope it heals soon but as stated let it drain and if the swelling does not go down go back in.
  4. they are good dogs and since the dog is young you have a lot of chances to help groom him/her into the type of dog you want to hunt with. There are lots of methods to use and yes there are people and clubs you can get in contact with. There is a britt. club that trains at the horse and hunt club on Wednesday nights with birds and they are very helpful. You might want to go with the Dave Walker method for starters and get the pup into "puppy school" when the age is right. Total Recall is a good spot in Hugo. The pointer will retrieve if you expose them properly. They will range as far as the cover requires. The main thing is that you want the dog to stand his birds when he finds them. If you have to walk 100 yards, fine as long as the bird is there when you arrive. They do a great job on grouse too. I have seen some that really like the water but then again it is in the approach and exposure in a positive environment that gets the dog to want to work with you. Gather as much info on the parents as you can as that will help direct what type of dog you will end up with and where you might be watching for ways to imporve. I work dogs pretty regularily and would guess others on FM will be more than happy to lend advise. Just post or e-mail. [email protected]
  5. Have you gone forward with the ringworm or mange test? Is the food working?
  6. Cooter, Nice young pup. You are about a month or so away from puppy school age. So for now it might just be getting used to your environment and the pup taking charge of what you offer up. You can always just scoop him up and crate him. Use the "quiet" command, might be better than just NO as the pup will hear that enough as it gets older. You can also alpha roll him and hold him down and stare into his eyes until he takes his focus from you. That means he gave up. You win. His mom would grab him by the muzzle and lay on him or even utter a low growl, letting him know he is not in charge. Nothing too forceful now. He is just starting to develop his own personality but you still need to be regarded as the final say. Just basic stuff now. Try getting him on a leash and working with him to walk at your side. This will get his focus on other things. Short sessions and then back in the crate.
  7. I have tried and just cannot seem to find a good map of the upper Brule, South of hwy 2. Anyone know where I can get one? I tried stopping in and seeing the gal at the fly shop and she had none that she could find. Any help would be appreciated. I want to get out but also want to know where I am going and will end up. Thanks, I know someone can help.
  8. You really do not have to hunt them. If they want to go around the yard and point at things great. No need to take them to the field. They are great agility dogs and obedience dogs. Even if you do not hunt you can take them and run them in a hunt test for the Junior hunter level. That just requires that you carry a blank pistol and when the bird flushes within range you fire a blank pistol shot. Pass that test 4 times and you have your JH. Never have to shoot a shotgun. My Dad got one from me years back and did not hunt her even though she was a very nice field dog. She liked her pampering and minded very well for them for quite a few years. Do not shy away from the breed if you are not going to hunt. BUT do let the people know that it is not a priority for you in owning the dog so they can help you pick out a puppy that will suit your needs. That is the best advice you can get. Oh by the way. Again hunt them or not. I have rarely met a V owner who only has one for very long!!! That says volumes.
  9. No reason to have to hunt to own them. I can tell you the winner of the VCA National field trail, Gus, does not hunt with his owner but only worked birds while training to compete. I have had V's for 20 years. Mira vizslas does a very nice job and has so for 40 years. ON the rescue dogs. Some are nice and have been a good match for some people. One of the reasons they are on the rescue list is people do not get them from reputable breeders, and they do not give them the exercise they need. A great breed. I lived in St. Paul and had them there. Post if you need more info.
  10. I actually to all and both. Field trials, dog shows and the hunt tests. As Labs said the trials are a whole different game. The hunt tests are at varied levels and can be easy and fun to perticipate in. There is a dog show in Eau Claire Ap 12-13. The easiest way to search is the akc dot org web page and event search. Lots of show coming up this Summer. Price is cheaper to enter the dog show than the hunt test. It is an experience and yes there are pros doing them too. I compete against all of them and do well. Depends on the dog and how you show them, mostly. After that it can have politics but it is just one person's opinion for that day on that dog. there should be some dog training center or clubs in your area that you can get into to see more of what goes on. Just a few starter pointers. Good luck and post if you need more info.
  11. There are a lot of good foods out that are corn, wheat and soy free now. Native has a great food with different energy levels. Instinct does too and that is grain free. If you have a chuck N dons near you they have a 50% off gift cert. going up tomorrow on kstp web site. Nice way to try some new things out. Country Vet has comprable foods out too.
  12. I had to go solo for opener. Tons of people. A few smaller steelies landed. Not much for browns. River was low and clear. Sunday I had the area to myself all morning. tough wind too. Fish rising on bugs. So what type of stonefly do you toss to get the rising fish? Had a hard morning but landed 3 bows, all small 12". Been a while since I have read or posted. Lots of changes to site.
  13. I have a couple and Yes there are some very good ones now too. Try Mira Vizslas on the web. Michel has done this a long time and has great dogs and stands behind them. There are also other people out there that are reputable. There are clubs that have good referrals too. Try the VCOI webpage. They are a very good resource. Post more questions if you need more info. Always willing to pass on what I have learned.
  14. See you all there for the next 4 days!!! Hope to get the wife on a Fall steelie or salmon.
  15. They have darker than average meat. Not the tastiest birds but it can be eaten.
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