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North Shore Trail


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People who ride ,live or want to see the North shore trail opend better contact the council members of the city of Duluth.
It is in thier agenda for the up coming meeting to BAN ALL ATV's on city of Duluth property.This covers a good section of the North shore trail where one could ride right from a hotel parking lot.

It also blocks access to a few other trail heads that will be closed if they go though with the ban.

Just an other heads up, thier still at it!!!!


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While reading the most recent "popular outdoor paper" they had said that the idea is in the works nothing is final, but hopefully it will pass by this summer. I think it will draw many people up north to ride on trails. not many options the further south you go. hope it passes!!!!!

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i hope everybody in this forum emails the duluth city council about this issue and tells a friend to do the same, Minnesota needs more places to ride atvs. until then, i'll spend my money in wisconsin to ride. way more atv friendly. by the way, i emailed the city council, the meeting is on monday february 2nd.

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cas , your right it is still in the works, but the tree huggers are on the move to stiffel it before we even get a chance to vote on it.
That's why the city is going ahead with a proposed ban, most of them are green people or easily swayed by the green people.

I bet the rest of the cities along the trail will also try a ban, as they are blind to the fact that there is a ton of money to be made by allowing ATV riders to ride through thier area.

As you pointed out Wisconsin is making money hand over fist by allowing the ATV riders in there.


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Hello everyone, I'll tell ya, I've been emailing the city council about this issue and getting back replies, mostly from Russ Stover, and i think we are all screwed.
These people just simply do not understand the benefits to the economy ATV use would have to this area.If they had it there way we would all be thrown in jail like a band of raging thieves and murderers!
My advise is to go to Wisconsin and give them all our hard earned money to ride there. I'm from Duluth and give Wisconsin a loud cheer and applause for there willingness to allow ATV use there, They get the economic value.
Duluth needs to get with the times and listen to the growing number of people who like to ride these machines instead of listening to a minority of people who don't even live here.
keep raising your voices to the bigits in the city council, make yourself be heard. Otherwise the greenies win!

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Hello forum, Just wanted to let everybody know that I've been emailing the Dulth city council about this issue and have been getting replies back, mostly from Russ Stover, and let me tell ya, we are screwed.
these people just don't see the economic value ATV use would have to this area!
They would rather listen to people,"tree huggers", that don't even live here then to the people that do live here.
They want to impose heavy fines to people who are caught riding ATVs and treat us like common crimals, like thieves and murderers.
They don't realize that if they had designated ATV trails, that there probably wouldn't be an issue about illegal use of ATVs. A bunch of tree huggin bigits!
All i can say is go to Wisconsin to ride and give them your money, They acutually see the economic benefits ATVers bring to there towns.
Keep emailing the bigits down at the city hall and let your voice be heard, otherwise the greenies will win!
Happy trails, "in Wisconsin", ride safe.

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Being an ATVer, I have a different view on this "vote". Not all "cities" in the southern half of the state allow ATVs to ride on city lands (I'm not familiar enough of "city laws" in the northern half. With that in mind, and the Duluth vote", I don't think it's means that ATV trails are not going to be allowed to be constructed in that area.

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Dave, what it means is that there will be no ATV's allowed on any city property.
The city of Duluth is a masive area, a lot bigger than you may think.

Sure the DNR will be able to construct trails in the "area" just not on city property which will lock out any hotel that may be near a trail head that starts on city property.

It also means people who live on the outer fringes of Duluth will have to trailer there machines maybe only a mile to get off city property where as now they can ride right from thier yard to a trail.

Yes many of the Southern cities do not allow ATV travel, but most are either to populated with vehicals or are to small to have any open property to ride on any way.

Up North a lot of the cities allow some passageways for both sleds and ATV just to keep the masses from driving all over the city.They also don't have a police force in most small towns, by the time a County Sheriff(sp?) gets there the people are gone.

My concern with the Duluth vote is that once it is done then every other city will follow, just look at the county votes now.

I don't want to see ATV 's blasting through Duluth, but they need to allow some access for local buisness and a way for people to get out of the outer fringes.

I doubt any one will ride from down town Duluth all the way out to the North Shore trail head.


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I was at the Duluth City council meeting Monday night and would like to make a few points.
1. Councilor Stover had several problems with atv's riding through his back yard late at night on fridays. I am willing to bet this ban will not get rid of his problem. The people that are doing this are not going to follow the ban.
2. Councilors Stauber, Atkins, Little wanted to postpone the ruling until a task force appointed from the mayor with opponets and supportors could explore areas that may be suitable for atv use. This request was ignored by Councilors Stewart, Ness, Stover.
3. This problem is just like the Snowmobile problems that we had 20-30 years ago. Snowmobilers have 22,000+ miles of trails. ATV"s have just a few hundred miles of trails. There are more registered atv's than snowmobilers in MN. That's 250,000+ Atv's. And only 200+ miles of trails. there will be a trail system built in the future, and Duluth has just spoken and said loud and clear that they do not want these 250,000+ people in our city.
We need trails and enforcement just like what the snowmobilers have.

Both local ATV clubs were represented at the meeting last night. I am disappointed that everyone had 3 minutes to talk, unless you were with MRR who had much more time than everyone else......

I am tired of picking up McDonalds bags in my front yard, maybe we should ban McDonalds. Then I would have to pick up Burger Kings bags.... Why put a ban in place because of a few bad people. At least 99% of the 250,000 atv's are outdoors people that do not want to harm the environment.

All of the activities that the councilors were concerned about are already illegal activities: riding on sidewalks, riding without mufflers, riding in areas where it is posted not to ride, so I am willing to bet that these problems will not go away because of a ban. The criminal is not going to read the paper and see the ban and declare that he/she is not going to do that anymore......

Jim Walters

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Thanks for the first hand report, Little Bones. I couldn't make the meeting but I had a feeling it was going to flow just as you described.

Can you send me an email at [email protected]
so we can discuss this further. Thanks.

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