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  1. Mink Ball of fish Otter Merganser
  2. Turns out that by the time I got it to the garage it was for the most part fixed. They think that the escape also has the design flaw of the rear wiper draining the battery when it's frozen to the glass and not freed after turning it on. The wiper unit was damaged and causing spikes in current. So far it's holding a charge.
  3. I think that the instrument cluster is bad. Pulling the fuse causes the current to drop the most. This makes sense to me because the LCD isn't going to run on 12v thus wouldn't effect the 12v resistance to ground to much. We'll see if the real mechanics agree with me in round 2 of troubleshooting. BTW thanks airjer you were very helpful.
  4. I've got a 09 ford escape that can't hold a charge. Ford garage checked it out and couldn't locate the problem so i've got all weekend to look myself. Removing the ground and checking the pow to gnd resistance I'm getting almost 400 ohms which should equal about 0.03 amps draw from the battery. Does this seem to be more than normal for an average car? And what should I expect for an approximate resistance on a good system? I would assume something in the K ohms.
  5. I've had both, the pro4 is heavy, effortless to start and has more power than you need. The pro4 lite is reasonably lightweight and now that mine is broken in after 2 years of light use cuts a hole nearly as good as the pro4. The lite does have more compression but still starts easly. I don't see why people go electric when propane is this good.
  6. I think that there's just tax added to it. One thing to think about is a years worth is something like one month free.
  7. It's probably an autofocus assist lamp. My guess is you should be able to disable this in the menu.
  8. The bait shop in glenwood usually has the this time of year.
  9. Mirror less is where it's all headed in my opinion. Electronic viewfinders show the exposure,digital filters, and "loss less" digital teleconverter in real time. They are much smaller and so are the lenses. The Olympus EM1 uses a hybrid PDAF/CDAF auto focus that should be about equal to DSLRs in speed and accuracy if you can afford it. Lens selection is nearly as good as cannon and Nikon in m4/3 cameras like Olympus and Panasonic. Check out Sony, Fuji, Panasonic, and Olympus for mirror less cameras. I personally have a Olympus OMD EM5 and couldn't see going back to a DSLR unless I already had a bunch of DSLR lenses or needed a 400mm+ lens.
  10. Its probably due to the one being a 16x lens and the other being a 5x lens it is sure to struggle for focus accuracy.
  11. Easiest starting engine out there. It's really surprising how little effort it takes sometimes. The pro4 has more than enough power. Mine rides inside the SUV so I can't say if the cold is a problem with these.
  12. I think that it is mostly for people who don't know the correct technique to putting line on a spool without getting the line all twisted up.
  13. Looks like a very good solution for passengers asking how deep it is. Too bad they didn't focus on using this tech on the ice fishing market. Sometime you gotta get rid of your sacred cows. Just think multiple vexi's on the same screen from you and your buddies (even ones not in the same house), no more staring at the floor on a slow day, and being able to see how other people are presenting there bait. This is what I would have wanted.
  14. Nano for me, seemed to be a very specialized line ment for jigging in deep water. Sure it casts far but I've also had lures snap off during the cast. I think the problem is that there isn't any stretch to it but it isn't strong like a super line so it can't absorb the shock.
  15. I was finally able to get some lightning shots last night without getting wet last night. Anybody know if the exposure meter is different on mirror less cameras vs DSLRs? I had a several shots ruined by lightning but I don't remember this happening on my old DSLR. Maybe I'll have to blow the dust off the E620 if there is more of natures fireworks again tonight. lightning 3 lightning 2 lightning 1 Sol Rainbow Halo
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