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  1. russ

    ATV repair

    Thanks, I'll check it out. Ron
  2. russ

    ATV repair

    Anyone have any suggestions for an ATV mechanic, other than dealers, in the Crosby, Remer, Aitkin area? Thanks, R.
  3. 2005 Foreman 2x2 Manual Shift Last ran Dec. 2013 Stored in semi heated shed over winter Spins over, has spark Put in new plug anyway Fuel flow to carb Tried removing plug and putting gas in cylinder, still no pop. Tried pumping primer Still just spins over. Anyone ideas what else I could try? Thanks
  4. russ

    Winona area

    My wife and I would like to find a basic, no frills campground around the Winona area for a couple days in Sept. Possibly in a state forest. Water and electric not neccesary. We will have a tent or small popup. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  5. Yeah, I've seen the lower end 'dot' scopes, wasn't real impressed. The idea of quick target acquisition with a quality dot scope is a major factor.
  6. Red Dot vs. tube style for the recoil of a large caliber handgun. Which do you prefer?
  7. Someone needs to teach Hopkins how to lose with some grace. They Come shlumpin' up to get their medals, no acknowledgment of the congratulations, no thank you's, they're given the trophy and handle it like it means nothing, don't even look at it, just carry it like a dead cat. I know it's tough to lose but you gotta have some class when you lose. There was, however, one team member who appreciated the experience, which was nice to see.
  8. russ

    Chena Bait

    Well I tried it with better results than expected. Sunnies were really attracted to it, more than wax worms. When I put a new piece on the hook they wouldn't be too interested until it had a couple minutes to soften up and have a more natural action to it, then the bites were steady. Out-did wax worms, plus it lasts a long time on the hook.
  9. License says it expires Feb 28 (unless noted elsewhere) Well it's "noted elsewhere" on Ron Shara's outdoor calendar that it expires on April 30th. So I'm goin' with the 30th.
  10. I'd have a hard copy with me. CO might allow you to provide proof at a later date that you actually have one, but maybe not. Being electronic doesn't make it the end all answer to having a license.
  11. russ

    Chena Bait

    Has anyone ever used Chena Bait? How did it work for you?
  12. 2011 Kia Sportage cold weather issue. After the vehicle sits for an extended period (during the day at work or over night etc.) the brakes feel as though the pads become frozen to the rotors. Upon putting the car in reverse, slight acceleration is required for the brakes to 'break free'. After this, the car rolls freely and the brakes operate as they should with no feeling of being hung up or pulling to one side or the other. Is it likely that a thin layer of ice forms between the pads and rotors causing this issue? Thanks
  13. Anyone have a general idea of the value of a 1999 Subaru Forester with a bad head gasket? Very good condition in and out, 100,000 miles. Being sold as is.
  14. russ

    T1-11 siding

    LightningBG, A storage shed. No, a hammer won't work but if a nail gun will work in the groove then I'm good to go. Thanks
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