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  1. I try every year to reseed the patchs where the dog dug a hole or where she puts on the brakes to pick up the dummy and rips the grass up. But just putting the seed down doesn't seem to take, should I put black dirt on top of the seed? Benny
  2. Benny

    Trouble at Stop Lights!!

    I would have to agree with the left turn signal vs a straight up light. But I also think if your at a light for more that two cycles and it doesn't change you can use this law to go through it. But you better make sure it's clear and no cars coming up behind you to trip it. Also there is a device out there that you cn use to change the light, and I think there is another pasive device that is specificly for the cycles that trips lights as well. Thanks, Benny
  3. Benny

    Gun Show at Pine Tech school???

    Hinckley gun show is this weekend, it's at the community center. Also one at the Saint Paul armory. Benny
  4. Benny

    Gun Show at Pine Tech school???

    Don't worry, it's in a technical colleage not a high school. The school has a gunsmithing class there, and it's one of the best in the county as well. Benny
  5. Benny

    Gun Show at Pine Tech school???

    This is a great show to attend, not real big but lots of true deals to find there. I don't know the dates for this year yet though. Benny
  6. OK , try this address for the pictures. benstackle at msn dot com Thanks, Benny
  7. Yes it is the right addy, I will have to find out why they won't let pictures come through. Maybe they are to large of a format for the web site to allow them in??? Benny
  8. Benny

    Permit to purchase a handgun question

    First off, are you in the country or in a city? The city usualy handles the Permit to Purchace(PTP), the county would deal wit the Consealed Carry Permits(CCP)or(CCW). The PTP is good for a year and you can get it at any time, you don't need to have a handgun or assualt weapon in mind at all. You can also fill out the PTP at the time of sale but you have to wait 5 or 10 days to take delivery with out the PTP in hand. A CCW permit is good for 5 years and is covers the PTP as well for 5 years. You have to take a CCW coarse and then go pay the County $100 for the permit but your good for 5 years and you can carry the handgun on your person loaded to the range. I understand you may not be intrested in carring a weapon,just thought I would show you an option as well. I would call the shariff and ask them who you need to see to aply for the PTP and then go there and get it before you even get ready to buy the gun. You can also buy a used gun from a MN resedent with out a permit. Benny
  9. Benny

    Gun Show at Pine Tech school???

    Thanks, I plan on going for sure and will bring alomg a car load of friends as well. Benny
  10. Any one know the date for the 2008 gun show at the Pine Tech school in Pine City? Benny
  11. There was a name on the case, I have to call the Pres of the club to see if she has the name or not at her house. The gun is safe and locked up at the club house, we will be open this coming Sunday the 6th. Or if it's yours I can pick it up that day and bring it to my house in Coon Rapids then meet you some where to hand it off. Benny
  12. Hey CodyDawg, see my post "looking for CodyDawg"!! Benny
  13. Hey Cody Dowg, we ended up with a .410 single shot out at Beaverbrook this year. Some one said it came in the day after the PF youth day. Any one call you looking for thier gun?? Benny